Vinylmation Vault – A Mag-ni-fi-ca-tion of the Adventure Thru Inner Space 9″ Vinylmation

Out of the Vault and into the Mighty Microscope we will head this week for the Park 4 Adventure Thru Inner Space or “A.T.I.S” 9 inch Vinylmation. The beloved Vinyl pays an amazing tribute to the Attraction that called Disneyland home from August 5th 1967 to September 2nd 1985.


atis_colormap_lrgThough having never been able to experience the attraction first hand, I’ve always been fascinated by this Dark ride and the story it told. The “Atommobile” Omnimover vehicle, a first for Disney, would take guests into the Mighty Microscope and “Beyond the Limits of Normal Magnification” to view a snowflake down to it molecular structure.

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Mickeys face makes up the Colorful snowflake that visible in the queue area just to the right of the Mighty Microscope and the ears are generic snowflakes from the attraction.

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The arms make up the color spectrum scale located on the Microscope. But what I love is on the front/back of the vinyl is that you one can see the Larger “Atommobiles” entering the Microscope but on the back there are the miniaturized “Atommobiles” continuing thru the clear tube to continue just as the unseen Scientist, narrated by Paul Frees, states “I am the first person to make this fabulous journey. Suspended in the timelessness of inner space are the thought-waves of my first impressions. They will be our only source of contact once you have passed beyond the limits of normal Mag-ni-fi-ca-tion.” which the best part of that greeting is listed on the back of Mickey’s head Beyond the limits of normal Magnification.”

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Through out the ride the narrator thoughts take us from snowflake all the way into the molecular level where we will enter into the oxygen atom itself. Here he sees the Atom but chooses to go no further for fear of shrinking forever.


You are back on visual and returning to your normal size!

As we exit the back into the realm of the molecules we notice (as the narrator explains) the molecules are active, as they have become fluid and the snowflake is melting. Finally the narrator exclaims “YES the snowflake has melted. But there is no cause for alarm. You are back on visual and returning to your normal size.” And here we are greeted with a large eye looking at you from the viewfinder of the microscope and thus the big blue eye on the back of Mickeys left ear stares at you too!

Here are some final notes worth noting about the extinct attraction. When Star Tours – The Ultimate Adventure opened on January 9th 1987 there were a few “nods” to the previous attraction. One was the viewing screen that one of the droids were looking at were one signs used in Adventure Thru inner Space.

Star Tours

During the ride itself when the StarSpeeder 3000 makes a wrong turn into the maintenance bay, flies straight downward, then levels off and finally missing an enclosed office there is the Mighty Microscope on the right. On the current attraction Star Tours – The Adventures Continue, a Mighty Microscope can also be found in one of the three final scenarios when escaping the under-construction Death Star above the planet Geonosis.

Screen Shot 2014-06-24 at 12.59.56 PM

Left: Star Tours – The Ultimate Adventure (First Star Tours)

Right: Star Tours – The Adventures Continue

Well that’s all for this weeks Vinylmation Vault and come back again to see what comes out of the Vault. Do you have a vinylmation that you would like to see in future Vault Series? Post a comment below!

I try to give credit where credit is due but it is difficult sometimes to figure out who is the source that needs recognition so Thanks to any source I have missed.


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