On July 11th, the Finding Nemo Junior series will be released and unlike previous Junior series, this will only have 1 chaser, so we ask the question, what could be the Finding Nemo chaser?

Here are a few of our guesses:


My first guess at what the Finding Nemo Junior chaser is Gill, this character is very important to the story and with some of the other fishes from the Dentist tank included in this series such as Bloat, this black and white fish would look impressive on the Junior mold.



While Bruce the Shark is included in the Finding Nemo Juniors, his buddy Anchor from the “Fish are Friends, Not Food” Group is missing and could be a interesting addition to the series, especially if they decided to adjust the mold slightly to fit a Hammerhead on.  Though we could also see the other Shark from this group, Chum as the chaser.


Another strong character from the movie could be Nigel the Pelican who helps Nemo escape the dentist and with the Seagulls included in the Junior series, Nigel could easily be a top contender for the Junior chaser.

What do you think could be the Finding Nemo Chaser?