Custom Shout Out

custom shout outWelcome to Vinylmation Kingdom’s Custom Shout Out where I share with our readers some interesting custom Vinylmations that I’ve spotted over the past week over on our Artists Unleashed Facebook Group.

10378549_500242983410547_2383166258095109115_nArtist Name: Josh Edwards
Custom Name: Frozen’s Oaken

This classic character from the movie Frozen has been captured perfectly on the Vinylmation mold and using the stretched out four armed body really adds an extra element to this character and I love the level of detail that’s gone into his jacket.

10151169_10204029298789919_3591488598186331326_nArtist Name: Jennifer Bednarski
Custom Name: Nala & Simba!
Artist Contact:

This Lion King Vinylmation is simply stunning and has a unique twist by using both sides of the Vinylmation to show a different angle and I love how she has positioned the arms so both the back and the front both have a arm, looking like they are hugging.  Lovely.

10420300_10152219048303920_208379360312153429_nArtist Name: Mike Ventrone
Custom Name: Uncle Mickey
Artist Contact:

I love this figure and its been done to raise money for the Wounded Warrior project, this figure looks better than the official Independence Day Goofy in my eyes, Mike has got a unique style that captures Disney so well and honestly, this is of a high enough quality to be an official Disney design.

10460180_743003129071115_6114669282530832861_nArtist Name: Are Jay
Custom Name: Bumblebee
Artist Contact:

I’m a huge Transformers fan and this one instantly jumped out at me, I love the Autobot’s logo in the ear and there is so much attention to detail on the whole figure, it has a cartoon feel to it and manages to fit the Mickey mold so perfectly.

If your interested in Custom Vinylmations, check out our Artists Unleashed Facebook Group

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