E3 has come and gone, leaving a trail of crumbs for all us Disney Infinity fans to gobble up. Disney put on a really strong effort in getting the word out about Disney Infinity 2.0 without giving everything away, there can be little doubt that Disney are planning on milking the Infinity news for the next couple of months to get as much coverage and excitement as possible. And that makes complete sense, giving away everything now would have been great for us, but it wouldn’t have been able to maintain the interest like they can do with little sneak peeks here and there.

There was lots of news coming out of E3 that Disney did officially inform us of and lots more information that sneaked out that Disney maybe hadn’t have wanted released. So I’m going to kick off with some thoughts on what we officially were told.


The true gem at E3 this year!

The true gem at E3 this year!

First up, the Spider-Man play set and figures look amazing, I love Spider-Man and seeing it in action along with the fantastic Venom figure has really got me excited about the game, I’ll admit, I’m probably more excited for this play set than even the Avengers. Spider-Man was the Marvel superhero I grew up with, sure I watched the odd Hulk and Iron Man cartoon but Thor and Captain America just weren’t as popular. Nova and Iron Fist are two characters I’m not as familiar with but I’m sure I will be fully impressed with them once I have them (might be an excuse to watch some Ultimate Spider-Man cartoons for research purposes only!).

We found out about 10 new Marvel power discs as well as 10 new Disney power discs (we actually found out about more Marvel discs, but more on that later). I like the idea of splitting up the Marvel and Disney power discs, there is a real split with Marvel, many Disney fans aren’t interested in Marvel and still don’t see them as true Disney characters (give it a few years!). I love the idea of introducing costume changes and introducing team ups etc. Still not sure about Disney releasing two sets of 40 power discs as that’s a heck of a lot of money at once (for those of us who buy in bulk) but it could also increase the chances of people buying them slowly.

SpiderMan_ToyBox_1-L (1)

I also love the idea of the exclusive Playstation collectors edition, I know the PS4 version is now on my shopping list, though had I picked the Xbox One, I might be less happy!

During the past few days, the VK team has been extremely busy and I’ve got to give a shout out to Abraham and Travis for all their reporting, especially as I was enjoying some much needed holiday time in Disneyland Paris (more on that next week).

While Disney officially revealed lots about Disney Infinity, it was what we found out through people playing the demo, what retailers had published and generally what little nuggets of information came out.

10300013_10101489576089597_3105327987006532840_nOn the first day, Disney had been handing out Marvel power disc blind bags which resulted in us discovering some more Marvel themed power discs and the fact they got pulled the next day is suggesting they maybe shouldn’t have been given out. They also showed clearly all the Guardians of the Galaxy figures which I’m also really excited to seeing in person.

The US release date has been reported in lots of different retailers as the 23rd of September, with so many retailers showing this date but Infinity still sticking to their “Fall” line, its looking more and more likely that the 23rd will be the date, but that could still change.

Walmart also published lots of pre-order information on their website for the “Disney Originals” line of Disney Infinity 2.0 but quickly pulled it, showing what we reported a few weeks ago about a Disney starter pack and non-Marvel figures like Stitch, Donald Duck and Tinkerbell, adding more fire to those rumours. I just hope Disney get the word out about the Disney side of Infinity 2.0 as soon as possible, though I understand they don’t want to confuse the general public with two different versions of the same game, but non-Marvel fans are very vocal about their point of view.

We still have lots to learn, but I’m sure over the coming month, we will learn more.