Vinylmation Vault – A Yummy Look at the Haunted Mansion Mystery Bakery Set


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This week on Vinylmation Vault we are staying at the Magic Kingdom and heading over to the Haunted Mansion to visit a slightly different and a yummy version of the famous Hitchhiking trio Phineas, Ezra and Gus.

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There are several other versions of these guys available to collect in Vinyl form from the Haunted Mansion set to the Park Starz Series. Well only Gus and Ezra are available as Park Starz for now. The ones for this week will be the Mystery Bakery Haunted Mansion Series set which include the dynamic trio of Phineas, Ezra and Gus.

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The Haunted Mansion Mystery Bakery series are a bit more whimsical looking than their Haunted Mansions versions and they are a bit cheaper on the open market as well.

What I like about this set is how the Artist Ron Cohee adapted these iconic guys into cupcake form while still keeping them the lovable characters we all know and adore. The ghostly green and grey colors used with these guys set off hauntingly nice and eerily amazing look.

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Of course there’s a bit of spilled icing on each of the cupcake Hitchhiking Ghosts, which in turn makes each of the three happy in own way. Phineas with a big splotch on his head and some on his nose as well. He looks like he is rather eager to taste the icing as soon as it can get in reach of his tongue. Ezra has his usual maniacal look on as always but the icing is quite out of reach for him to enjoy. Finally Gus only received a small splattering on his nose where he is trying oh so hard taste it as soon as it is in reach of his tongue.

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But what cupcake would not be complete with out icing? The icing is two-toned purple and green accompanied white screaming skulls. The skulls reminded from the organ located in the Ballroom from the Haunted Mansion ride.

So what are your favorite recreations of the Haunted Mansion Trio or even the attraction itself? Well that’s all for this weeks Vinylmation Vault and come back again to see what comes out of the Vault. Do you have a vinylmation that you would like to see in future Vault Series? Post a comment below!

Oh and these are my favorites versions of the Trio!

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