20140603-190238-68558835.jpgOn July 3rd, there will be a new blind box series using the Duffy the Disney Bear Vinylmation mold, this 8 piece series contains 7 common figures and 1 chaser.

Here are a few educated guesses at what could be the Duffy Series 1 Chaser be?

shellieShellie May

This was my first guess, Shellie May is Duffy’s girlfriend and would make a good addition to this series, though with the Urban feel, she may get kept back for another release.   Adding the bow to the Duffy mold and simply adding some eyelashes would help push this series to lots of Duffy fans.

VKRMickeyPhone1Mickey Mouse Duffy

This might just be a personal choice, but having a chaser figure with Duffy either in Mickey Mouse colours or simply Mickey painted directly onto the Duffy mold would be a excellent way of increasing sales.


The Duffy series 1 does have an Urban feel to it and it would make sense to do a Duffy series with Duffy dressed as different Disney characters (like the costumes you can buy for him), such as Duffy as Buzz Lightyear, Sulley, Woody, Stitch or just dressed up in celebration such as 4th of July or St Patrick’s Day.  So adding a chaser with a Duffy figure in one of those outfits can’t be ruled out, if it doesn’t quite fit the Urban theme.

What do you think the Duffy Series 1 Chaser Could Be?