Welcome to a brand new edition of Hits and Misses as members of the Vinylmation Kingdom community share their thoughts on a series and this week we take a look at Park Starz 3.


RogPalmerUK – I am a huge Park Starz fan, I have every release so far and this is without doubt the set I am most excited about adding to my collection this year.  I love everything about Park Starz, they are unique and different from anything else in Vinylmation.  Not being constricted by the Mickey mold gives the artists an opportunity to spread their wings and some of these are certainly a little different.  Every figure is a Hit to me, but some of favourites include the Abdominal Snowman from the Matterhorn which just looks amazing and I’m really excited about adding another bird from the Enchanted Tiki Room as they haven’t explored this great attraction too much on the 3″ mold.

Other favourites include the Dreamfinder who will fit right next to Figment on my shelf and the same goes for the Hitchhiking Ghost and It’s a Small World figures.   The Pig Pirate figure has been done amazingly as they have managed to capture the character perfectly and do something unique with his laid back appearance.  A simply amazing set that I love.

WDWRobert –  When the Park Starz Series first came out in 2011 I instantly fell in love with them. I loved that they were not limited to a specific mold and they could take a shape that is more like the shape of the character instead.

Dreamfinder: He looks amazing! This might be my all time favorite from the Park Starz lineup, well actually #2 next after the Park Starz Series 1 Robot. I love the shape they used to create Dreamfinders look. The shape reminds me of the Russian Nested Dolls. How cool what that of had been if he was and Figment was the Nested Doll inside.

Caveman: Finally a character from one of the best attractions at Epcot. Spaceship Earth has gone over several changes over the years but the caveman scene with he exception of some much-needed enhancements has pretty much gone unchanged. As for the vinyl itself the caveman is a huge hit with me. Though the Vinylmation version of the caveman is a simplified version of the actual caveman from the attraction I still love it. I only of wished that he came with a staff like the one in the attraction.

Hitchhiking Ghost – Ezra: I was excited when they released Gus in Park Starz Series 2 and I couldn’t wait for the next series to come out so I could see what ghost would be next. Though Ezra facial expression really does capture the Ezra from the attraction I cannot wait to add him to my collection.

Irish Boy & Cactus: It’s a Small World is one of my all time favorite attractions for several reasons. For one my parents rode the original at the 64 Worlds Fair in NY. Second I love what attraction stands for so many positive things one being a salute to United Nations Children’s Funds that was working for a better tomorrow by helping the children today. Thirdly I just love the look of Mary Blair. I am thrilled to add the Irish Boy & Cactus to my other Park Starz Small World Vinylmations. Of the two pieces that are included would say that the Cactus is my favorite.

Pig Pirate & Pig Pirate ‘Black Variant’: Just like the Irish Boy & Cactus and the Hitchhiking Ghost Ezra Pirate Pig (and the variant) continue to build on the attraction pieces. I just love the shape of this guy and how about the lovable little pig resting on the pirates rather large stomach.

Turtle: I am a huge, huge fan of the Main Street Electrical Parade or MSEP for short. Next to the Salute to America float you know the one with the smiling high kicking Rocket Styled gals that accompany the float that’s at the end of the parade well after them the Turtle is my favorite. What amazing Job they did on this guy. I can almost hear the Turtle talking to me like the real one that is in the parade.

All in all the entire series was a hit for me even though some characters I don’t really care for I still appreciate the work that had gone into the create a vinyl image that would make the fans happy.

@Imagineerinsta– As someone who has never been into the Park Starz series, i find this one amazing, and may actually buy a few! Dreamfinder and Ezra are by far my favorite from the series and I really like the Ezra Variant. Closley behind those are Sonny Eclipse, Trixie and the Electrical parade float, they all har great designs and fit the figure very well.

JamesPig Pirate (the pig is adorable), Sonny Eclipse (such a great, somewhat obscure character), Dreamfinder. This might be my favorite series, top to bottom.

Patty – Small world cactus and Irish boy, electric parade turtle


RogPalmerUK – Picking some misses for this series is extremely tough, I love them all, I love what they represent and honestly, I just can’t pick out anyone I don’t like.

@Imagineerinsta– For some reason I don’t care for the Yeti in this set. It looks too much like the Park #1 series yeti. The rest of the series is great and makes me really want to join the park starz world.

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