E3 Reveals MORE Disney Infinity 2.0 Marvel Power Discs

Even before E3 opened its’ doors on Tuesday, we were already aware of 25 of the new Marvel Super Heroes Power Discs, a set of 40 discs for Disney Infinity 2.0. To recap, here are the 25.

Team Ups





But that is not all! During the first day of E3, guests to the Disney Interactive booth were given blind packs of Marvel Power Discs. Since then, pictures have surfaced on Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook showing off some discs that haven’t been confirmed yet. In addition, in some footage that Disney Infinity sent to press members, a shot of Marvel Power Discs reveal two more discs.

Let’s take a look at the shot from Disney Infinity first.


Top row, center disc… that is Sleipnir, Odin’s horse. Here is a better picture, courtesy of our E3 reporter, Abraham.



Then we have the last disc in the third row down… that would be Ant-Man, and he looks to be a Team Up. Here is a closer picture, as well as the reference material, from the upcoming movie.

Ant-Man (Marvel Team Up)

Ant-Man (Marvel Team Up)


So that gives us 27 of 40. Now let’s go to our Infinity and Beyond Facebook members.

In addition to Sleipnir, Abraham was able to snag a photo of another Marvel Team-Up, the RARE disc Yondu, from Guardians of the Galaxy. (Disc #28)

Yondu, one of the original members of the Guardians of the Galaxy!

Yondu, one of the original members of the Guardians of the Galaxy!

Will Kelley also posted a picture of his Yondu over on Twitter, along with what looks to be a new skydome, this one from the Marvel property Dinosaur World. (Disc #29) Assuming that this will also get a terrain disc, now we have 30 of the 40… but that’s not all!


Alexander Chaundry sent me in a few pictures. Out of the five discs pictured, four of them have not been seen before E3. First up, we have a circular RARE disc that is The Infinity Gauntlet. No word yet on its’ power (maybe a new Event?) but it looks amazing. (Disc #31) Next to it is what appears to be another skydome. Star Lord is on it and it looks like a planet. My best guess is that it is Earth-691, the alternate reality where Guardians of the Galaxy takes place. (Disc #32) Below you will find the corresponding texture disc that unroolie “unboxed” from his packs, so there’s another disc. (Disc #33)

10452372_10101489285990957_3569809148927732050_nIn the second picture, we have already seen the Hellicarrier Strike disc, but the new skydome disc has Groot on it. Now, Groot’s home world is Planet X, a world that he once ruled over. Chances are this would be the skydome of Planet X. (Disc #34) Again, I will assume that this will also have a texture disc. (Disc #35)


Unfortunately, this last pic doesn’t have the best lighting, but in the picture we can clearly see Black Panther’s Energy Daggers. (Disc #36)

Black Panther's Energy Daggers

Black Panther’s Energy Daggers

Finally, over on YouTube, unroolie posted “unboxing” videos of his Marvel Power Disc Packs, and, in addition to finding the Star Lord texture disc, found another RARE disc… Ghost Rider’s Chain. (Disc #37)

Working Title: Earth- 691 Texture

Working Title: Earth- 691 Texture

Ghost Rider's Chain

Ghost Rider’s Chain

So, there you have it. 35 of the 40 discs have been seen, and it’s possible that 37 of the 40 are known, assuming that the two customization discs found are skydomes, and each skydome has a terrain to go with it. I guess we will have to wait and see.

Which one if your favorite?

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