In the past hour, Disney Infinity’s John Vignocchi and Mathew Solie were on not one, but two, live segments on the floor of E3 showing off some Disney Infinity 2.0 game play, focusing this time on the Spider-Man Play Set. During the live segments, some fun and new (to me) details emerged. Check it out.

Gamespot Live

gs010 gs011

Since both live spots used basically the same part of the game, most of the information I got that was news to me came from the first one, Gamespot.

Luke Cage and White Tiger are Mission Givers.

People were wondering where Luke Cage (Power Man) and White Tiger were when the figure images were revealed a couple of days ago. Some people were hoping that they would eventually be a character. Bad news… they appear as mission givers.

gs009 gs001


Iron Man CONFIRMED as a playable Spider-Man character.

You heard right. I know is has been said in passing before, but they actually showed him in action in the Play Set. Crossover characters will have their own unique missions and challenges to carry out, in addition to helping to progress the story.

ooooooo... SHINY!

ooooooo… SHINY!


S.H.I.E.L.D. Hovercar an unlockable in the Spider-Man Play Set

After defeating some of the symbiotes, you unlock this flying car, which is pretty sweet.

gs006 gs012

Spider-Man can carry things while swinging.

As they put it during the live spot… he’s doing the butt grab.


Costume Power Discs are NOT for every character.

Unfortunately, you will not being seeing a black Spidey-Suit Mickey Mouse anytime soon. John confirmed that the costume discs contain two parts: an ability, or boost (similar to the previous circular Power Discs), as well as a specific bonus to the character on that disc. Case in point, below you will see Spider-Man in his black suit, as he is currently carrying the bonus of Alien Symbiote.


Iron Man’s Skill Tree

OK, the skill tree system isn’t NEW news, but I have yet to see Iron Man’s Skill Tree before. I think the Missile Barrage looks amazing.

gs007 gs008

Twitch Live


After Gamespot, John and Mathew headed over to Twitch. Like I said, nothing much new, but for one, the Iron Man skill tree this time was fully unlocked, and they showed the Power Pulse Bolts. They also confirmed that each skill tree has a “respec option”, so you can reset your skill tree if you want to. Also, ALL of the characters from the original Disney Infinity game will come on over with their levels and their own skill trees.


They also looked at the Toy Box for a couple of seconds, and here was one of the “transition screens”. Pretty sweet.


They were in the Toy Box for, at most, two minutes. However, they did build this Treehouse, something that would have taken any of us HOURS to build… in under 10 seconds using the new user generated content. John promises that there will be a bunch of user generated content in the Toy Box. Awesome.

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