Walmart Disney Infinity Update Confirms Rumors, Brings Forth More Questions

This morning we saw an update on the Walmart website for Disney Infinity 2.0 Pre-orders. Let me share the screen shots and then we can dissect them.

walmart007 walmart006

walmart005 walmart004

walmart003 walmart002


Single Pack Characters/ Play Sets Confirmed

Confirming what we have already seen in the TRU database: In addition to the already announced “Disney Originals” Merida and Maleficent, we will be getting Stitch, Donald Duck, Tinkerbell, and Hiro and Baymax from Big Hero 6. On the Marvel side, we see Drax, Groot, and Rocket Raccoon, all of whom are part of the Guardians of the Galaxy Play Set, which is also listed and will contain Star Lord and Gamora (by process of elimination).

New Disney Themed Starter Pack

Back when we leaked the TRU database information, we noted that there was listed a second starter pack. Walmart actually has listed them as “Disney Originals Starter Pack” with a price of $59.96, which falls in line with TRU’s pricing.

Avengers Play Set Pack

Want the Disney Originals Starter Pack but love the Avengers? Looks like at the same time, an Avengers Play Set Pack and Thor single figure will be released. Assuming from this that Iron Man and Black Widow will be included in that Play Set pack.

Crystal Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey?


Now…. Crystal Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey… is up for pre-order??? If this is right, it means that TRU might not have the Crystal Series stronghold anymore, and this Mickey is part of 2.0, not DI1. Who knows… he might not even look like the leaked image.

Of course, stay tuned to Infinity and Beyond as we try and figure all of this out… and still deal with E3. As always, you can join our discussions over at our Facebook group Infinity and Beyond.


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