Today, Disney Parks released images of the newest Vinylmation Jr. Series, based of the Pixar movie Finding Nemo. Here is the official release information and shots of some of the designs.

Vinylmation™ Nemo Junior

SKU: 400008409056

Retail Price: $9.95

Tray Retail Price: $238.80

Disney Parks Release Date: July 11

Disney Parks Online Release Date: July 11


vm_nemo_-jr_-dory_org vm_nemo_-jr_-squirt_org vm_nemo_-jr_-nemo_org vm_nemo_-jr_-seagull_org vm_nemo_-jr_-sheldon_org vm_nemo_-jr_-pearl_org vm_nemo_-jr_-bloat_org vm_nemo_-jr_-darla_org vm_nemo_-jr_-bruce_org vm_nemo_-jr_-anglerfish_org

Which one is your favorite?