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custom shout outWelcome to Vinylmation Kingdom’s Custom Shout Out where I share with our readers some interesting custom Vinylmations that I’ve spotted over the past week over on our Artists Unleashed Facebook Group.


Artist Name: Jennifer Bednarski
Custom Name: Elsa
Artist Contact:

This is a beautiful Vinylmation featuring the very popular Elsa from Frozen, this figure just screams attention to detail, the small snowflakes, the hair sculpting and the overall finish sets this one apart.


Artist Name: Jared Flores
Custom Name: Jurassic Park T Rex

This Custom Vinylmation just blew me away when I first it, there is so much detail on this figure and how Jared has sculpted the head to show the features of the T-Rex is simply amazing.


Artist Name: Alex Gonzalez

Alex is just 16 years old and sent me this photograph of two customs along with this explanation:

I’m not an artist, I’m not very good and i have so much fun painting Vinylmation. My dream is been like Noah, Enrique Pita or Josh Edwards in the future. I painted about 20 or 30 Vinylmation for commission and i want to show you my favorites Vinylmation, Donald and Mickey dressed like Haunted Mansion.

One thing I love about custom Vinylmation is how it can inspire people to start painting and experiment, I’m sure with lots of practice, we will be seeing much more of Alex’s work in the future.


Artist Name: Josh Edwards
Custom Name: Donald and Daisy as Las Vegas Showducks

This one tickled me, the sight of Donald Duck dressed in drag isn’t something we are going to see on an official Vinylmation but this one is just a great idea that continues to show how custom artists have the ability to step outside the box.

If your interested in Custom Vinylmations, check out our Artists Unleashed Facebook Group

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