I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS DISC! Did I mention I LOVE this disc?

Yesterday, it was confirmed at E3 that the upcoming Power Discs from Disney Infinity 2.0 will feature one major change: the RARE Power Discs will not be lenticular… aka, have a hologram. In the original game, these lenticular tops of the discs were distinguishable through the foil of the blind packs for the Power Discs, so someone could easily (and most times did) go through the supply at the retail store and find the RARE discs, which then then, in turn, tried to turn a profit for on eBay or elsewhere.

To combat this, the guys at Disney Infinity eliminated the lenticular sticker. At their booth yesterday, they were showing off the Main Street Electrical Parade Float Power Disc (part of the Disney Originals Series of Power Discs), which is a RARE disc. Our reporter Abe was on hand and saw that the top of the disc was smooth. He inquired about it and this was what he had to say over on his report from Day 1 of E3:

While taking Maleficent for a ride on the Main Street Electrical Parade Float, I noticed the disc didn’t have that hologram texture on it like the previous rares. I asked the guy why they weren’t textured anymore and he said it was to stop people from feeling for rare discs through the foil package and give everyone a fair chance! Brilliant Disney!!! Thanks for listening to us!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS DISC! Did I mention I LOVE this disc?

I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS DISC! Did I mention I LOVE this disc?


Also yesterday, one of our Infinity and Beyond Facebook group members, Alex, got a blind pack of Marvel Power Discs at the E3 booth, and inside was one of the Marvel RARE Power Discs, The Infinity Gauntlet. It, too, has no lenticular sticker on the top.

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So there you have it… a step towards making things equal. Now if they just made the Power Disc packs “No refunds, No Exchanges”.

Thanks again to Abe and Alex for their contribution to this article.