what v1

what v1
Welcome to a new feature on Vinylmation Kingdom, where we ask our readers to share their thoughts on a question through our social media outlets like Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Instagram. As well as through our Facebook Group, Vinylmation Kingdom Trading.

This week we asked “What is your favorite Vinylmation Chaser?”

We had a great response to this question and lots of different answers, with so many great chasers released over the years, here are a few highlights from what our readers thought:

vm_indiana_jones-series1_fertility_-idol-orig_Jared – Chachapoyan Idol. Its absolutely everything a chaser should be. You know that you have it the moment you open it (who else jumped when they saw that gold?). It shouldn’t be obvious based on a character omission (cough cough Muppets 1) but should become the most exciting figure to blox.

headlesshorsemanchaserCorey – Headless Horseman or Mortimer Mouse. Pulled both in mystery box trades at D Street at Downtown Disney Anaheim.

park13chaserLizzy – I love my pixie dust chaser, particularly because I bloxed it and was so giddy afterwards!

3D Mickey

Feel free to comment below with your own thoughts.