Special Event Swag!

Hello everyone! I’m happy to report my review of my recent trip to San Francisco for the D23 Disney Interactive Maleficent early screening event! (sheesh! try saying that five times really fast!) It was a last minute trip, but a fun one! You probably already know all the details, but this is a quick recap/review of the event.

D23, the official Disney Fan Club, had an event being put on by Disney Interactive. In this event they would be revealing two new figures for the new Disney Infinity 2.0, as well as screen the all new Maleficent movie two days before its release date.

Well on May 28th, at 7:00PM, the event took place at the AMC Metreon 16. It was a really nice theater. Felt a bit upper class, but I think it had to do with its cleanliness and location.



There was a long line of patrons waiting to go inside. They had us check in at a small table to prove we were D23 member ticket holders for the event. Once checked in, we would have to wear our infinity buttons as proof that we had tickets to be allowed into the main theater. They took all our cameras and laptops away before entering, however we would be allowed to take pictures of the event with our phones up until the movie started. Thats when cell phones had to be turned off or it was no movie for you. We were also given complementary popcorn and a soda for us to enjoy during the movie.

I will be sporting this button at E3!

I will be sporting this button at E3!


Once inside, at approximately 7:12, Johnny V came to the front of the theater and began his presentation. A few attempts on the overly loud microphone, and finally we were off. He began the presentation talking about what Infinity is and what it has become. Similar opening to the one at the Marvel event, but a lot shorter with no sales numbers. He finally began leading up to the new figures by saying, “Well we are all excited about the Marvel Super Heroes, but many people have been asking, ‘Wheres my Disney figures?’ Well, heres our answer!” And he begins revealing our Maleficent! I took many pictures and sent them via text to our very own Travis Denman so you could get the info as soon as possible. Well, I won’t repost too many pics, but here are a couple!





And these are the official figure pictures released by Disney a few days later…



Johnny V revealed the pictures, figures, and the nice little video trailer which was really cool and funny with Mike at the end. I was going to post that as well, but Johnny V wanted us to not post the video since they would release it to the public the following Friday. So we respected his wishes! The video has now been out for a bit, and just incase you haven’t seen it, here it is again.

Johnny V thanks us, tells us to enjoy the film, and leaves the front of the theater. He was classy, very excited, and a fun host for the event. It was great seeing him make a trip just to give us a brief 15 minute presentation. Very nice of him indeed!

Well, one last security/Disney-exec looking person tells us to please turn off our phones or we would not be allowed to view the film. We all comply, and the movie begins. Less then a minute into the movie, once we pass the windmill in the opening scene, the sound goes silent. We begin to watch a silent film from the days of our past, except this time in color. After all the patrons are vocal in the theater, they stop the projector and ask us to be patient as they are having technical difficulties.

We all wait in hopes that the movie will begin soon. Few people behind us get a little restless but nothing too serious. About five minutes later they begin the movie again. The movie looks and “sounds” great. Once we pass the windmill part, the theater cheers and claps as they finally fixed the problem. Few minutes later, Maleficent and the little boy are now silent. Their lips move, but nothing comes out. The musical score and sounds effects can all be heard, but the main dialogue was not working properly as they were all silent. Patrons begin to complain, but the movie plays on. Guest start to yell jokes out loud and it amuses the entire crowd. “Talk louder!” “I can’t hear you!” Still, we continue to watch this for about 5-6 minutes until they finally stop the film and tell us they are having technical difficulties. We all wait for another 15 minutes while they try to fix the issue. People get up to get their popcorn and use the restroom. Others complain to staff as they find out its an AMC issue and not Disney. They begin doing tests by running trailers on the screen. Jamie Fox appears on screen as they show one of his new movie trailers. The sound works, but Jaime Fox’s lines don’t come out. He also is silent. Looks like the problem is still not working. A couple minutes later we hear a bang in the projector room. It seems banging the projector with a hammer may be the solution. Lol! After a long 30 minutes, the movie begins again and plays perfectly, this time all the way through!

We all get up, leave the theater, and are greeted by the Disney and AMC staff. Disney gives us our special edition posters and AMC gives us complementary movie passes for another future movie. I jump in the car, drive home for 6 hours, and during the trip my girl friend and I discuss what we thought of the film.

What I think of the film? I enjoyed it! I will not give you any spoilers, but its not your traditional take on the Sleeping Beauty story. I almost prefer it over the classic. Its worth seeing. Go check it out!

In conclusion, despite the projector issues, the event was well organized and professionally done. I loved the fact that Johnny V came out to San Francisco to personally give the presentation for the event. It was a nice touch! I will definitely give him my personal thanks when I see him at E3! Hope you all enjoyed the recap. Please stay tuned for up to the minute updates next week when E3 comes to LA!

See you all then!

Special Event Swag!

Special Event Swag!