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Its Thursday, which means its time for some new Toy Boxes to download on Disney Infinity and this weeks theme is ToonTown.

Here are this weeks top 5 toy boxes:

  • Donald’s Surprise – Help Mickey and the gang build Donald’s Grand Hotel by completing 3 mini-games hidden around Toontown. Created by Vault of villains.
  • I Spy TOONTOWN – I Spy a Barrel, Bones, Tires, Sword in the Stone, Flowerbed, Flames, Pool, a Sorcerer of Fame, Garbage, Andy’s Toy Box, & a B-day Cake. Created by Vasuri83.
  • The Band Concert – Donald wants to play with the band, but the bees keep messing him up. Plug ten hives in time for him to join the finale. Created by d_anim8or.
  • HappyBdayDonald – Huey, Dewey, and Louie are setting things up for Donald’s party! Help them get the party started by finding 3 buttons. Created by Pirate Steven.
  • Steamboat Willie – All the animals have escaped the boat! Gather 10 back to the loading dock. Pete says no slacking, beware his watchmen! Created by Kevin B.

There was also a bonus Wild West toy box which is featured in this weeks Toy Box TV.

Here is this week’s episode of Toy Box TV which includes a sneak peek at Captain America for 2.0

And here are some toy boxes videos from our Vinylmation Kingdom Youtube channel of last weeks Neverland Challenge.


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