Hits & Misses – Ink & Paint

Welcome to a brand new edition of Hits and Misses as members of the Vinylmation Kingdom community share their thoughts on a series and this week we take a look at the new Ink & Paint Set.


RogpalmerUK –  I love how Enrique has stylized the figures, they have a unique look that sets them apart from other Vinylmation but I’m going to have to put this out there straight away, I don’t have that much love for this series.  But I will admit, the Mickey Mouse figure has a certain charm to it that I wouldn’t mind adding to my collection.

SparkWhen this series was 1st announced, it looked like a very cool, original design for a new series of Vinylmation. Then when the images of the vinyls in the set were announced, i had to get myself some! I love all the characters! I really like how they have sort of a pop arty style. The black and white Donald chaser i think is an awesome variant!

@ImagineerinstaEnrique Pita has done a Great job with this set. I really enjoyed the idea of giving Disney’s classic characters an old pop art feel. I am a huge fan of Horace and love when she is put into a set. Mickey, Goofy and Pete are all very strong designs, but Donald is by far my favorite, I really enjoy seeing an old school Donald on a vinyl. Enrique did a great job portraying Donald on a vinylmation.
HarryMy hit was bloxing 3 Minnie chasers, I have never bloxed a chaser so many times in my life, but I will still be hunting that variant! Amazing series!
ChristineHit the paint job and how it looks so vintage looking, love the old fashion look to them!
RyanHits. Pluto, love the use of furry friends/w&t arms and Goofy, great hat and facial expression.  Plus Minnie, first time as a chaser!   Overall I can’t wait to have this set in my collection even if I don’t get the variant. Great to display next to classics set.
WDWRobertThe ink & Paint series is rather a unique set. It is either one that you love or one that you loathe. There are a few in the set that if on their own would really stand out as ugly duckling but put them all together and they look amazing! Each and every one of these for me is a hit. Though they’re maybe a few parts of an individual Vinyl I might not love but as a whole I still love. So here are the hits.
Donald Duck: Some may say that he looks a bit odd but he is a version of the early 20th century Donald and not the one of today. I for one love the look. I love the happy or even the annoyed but still in control Donald for the vinylmation world.  The one feature I truly love if the hat it’s a perfect touch on this early and classic style Donald!
Horace & Clarabelle: Though not my favorite of the Disney Characters I must say that these two look amazing. I wish Horace would of come with a real hat like his “Classic Series” version and that does take away some of his charm unfortunately. Clarabelle on the other hand is beautifully done. She has enchanting look to her. Perhaps it the colorful outfit she is wearing or its her flirty smile she has. They do make to be an attractive couple.
Pluto: Though pretty much the same style Pluto as in other Vinylmations there is a vintage feel to him. Though it’s a bit hard to see from looking straight at him he is happily chewing on bone. This Pluto is now one of my all time favorite Pluto Vinylmations.
Mickey & Minnie: What a loveable couple they make in this format. Though Mickeys face can look like it’s been a little squashed I still love it. Minnie of course is captivating as always but not to upstage her is an amazing new hat that includes a single flower on it! The simple and innocent flower decorated hat embodies everything that the Ink & Paint Series is.
Goofy: At first glance his sideways look might not be all that appealing but because of what this series is one starts to appreciate it. Great uses of most of my favorite colors are used to create this Ink and Paint Goofy. Finally a first if I am correct but a hat that is not held in position by the Mickey ears.
Peg-Leg Pete: This time lets start with the green cap that Peg-Leg Pete has. It’s a great topper to this menacing looking advisory to Mickey.


RogpalmerUK – While I enjoy Vinylmations based on the original characters, this set is a huge miss for me for some bizarre reason, they just don’t jump out at me and even though I should be really excited about a classic Donald Duck, I am probably just too used to how Donald evolved and not this original design.  I think the idea of doing a completely different style and going back into the history books is a great idea, but maybe I’m just getting more picky and won’t buy anything I don’t “love”.

SparkMisses: The chaser for me was the down fall for the set. I know some people will really like it, as it is Minnie mouse of course! But to be honest, i would have like to see mickey or Pluto as the chaser and Minnie as the regular vinyl. The chaser really was the only think which ruined it for me, but most likely i will get it anyways!

Christine – Misses is my Donald variant came with no hat.

RyanMisses. Only 1 variant. Making Horace a variant or Clarabelle would have been great and added some desire to blox more.  Donald, not a fan of his bill.

HarryMy misses for this set was bloxing 5 Clarabelle’s & 5 Horace’s. I kept trying to blox the Donald Variant & didn’t want to give up!

@ImagineerinstaWhy Minnie? I know alot of people really liked seeing her as the chaser but I would have much rather seen an older disney character as the chaser and Minnie as an original. As for the rest, Clarabelle and Pluto, they are ok but just not Must haves for me.

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