In our final Disney Infinity 2.0 news snippet for today from our friends at Toys ‘R’ Us, it looks like we will be getting another set of Starter Packs for the game.


Simply labeled “INFINITY 2.0 STARTER” and listed for X-Box 360, X-Box One, PS3, PS4, and WiiU, this new selection of Starter Packs have a retail cost of $59.99, which is $15 less than the retail cost for the Marvel Super Heroes Disney Infinity 2.0 Starter Packs.

So, what can this mean?

~ It’s a Disney-centric Starter Pack, with Disney characters and Play Sets

~ It’s the Marvel Starter Pack, but either without the Infinity Base or without the game disc, as Disney said previously that the bases are forward compatible and individuals can download the game.

~ It’s something totally different that we know nothing about, or a combination of the above.

I guess time will tell. The release date for these new Starter Packs is said to be November 4, 2014… just in time to gear up for Black Friday.

Stay tuned to Vinylmation Kingdom and Infinity and Beyond tomorrow as we bring you information from the Disney Infinity/ D23 Maleficent Event tomorrow, where two figures will be officially revealed. One of them is believed to be Maleficent herself… but who could the other one be?

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