Hits & Misses – Star Wars Series 4

hitsWelcome to Hits and Misses where members of the Vinylmation Kingdom community share their thoughts on a series and this week we take a look at Star Wars Series 4.



RogPalmerUK – I am a huge Star Wars fan and for me the entire series is a huge hit as I plan on picking up a case of these in Disneyland Paris next month (fingers crossed).  There are some fantastic figures in this set including the awesome Snowtrooper figure with the excellent gun and I also think both Han Solo and Luke Skywalker look impressive, especially compared to their previous Empire Strikes Back outing in the first Star Wars series.  I am also a big fan of the Luke Skywalker variant which makes so much sense in relation to the movie and anything with a little blood on it can’t be bad, especially in a world of cute looking things.  Other hits for me include the Wampa chaser and the R2-D2 which is another impressive figure.

WDWRobertTauntaun: I am very happy to have this guy added to the Star Wars Vinylmation collection. Good use of color combos help give the Tauntaun a realistic look. Snowtrooper: All I can say is it’s about time a Snowtrooper has made it into the series. Nice detail on the front and nice blaster. Also love the use of background snow on the ears! Hoth Luke & Han: At first I was not happy with the addition on Hoth Luke & Han but they look great and really compliment the series as a whole. Once again love the use of background snow on the ears! Dagobah R2-D2: He looks great and love that he is all dirty like he was in the movie. Bounty Hunters: 4-Lom, Bossk, Dengar & Zuckuss Though I am glad they added these guys and the all look great in Vinylmation form. But I must ask where is Zuckuss’s gun?

BigThunder – I might not be a big Star Wars fan but even I love the little R2-D2 and the Storm Trooper.  Fingers crossed when my Disneystore.com order arrives, one of those are in it, but if I got Han, Luke or Leia I wouldn’t be too disappointed.

Robert – They included some nice weapon accessories with the bounty hunters that hadn’t been done before (Zuckuss got left out of a weapon?), with the snow troopers being well done. I really liked the Dagobah r2-d2, felt like it was a nice way to include him in the set without just doing another r2. Wampa as a chaser is very nice and the creatures in general are always done well.


RogPalmerUK – There are a few figures in this set which look a little weak and had this series been reduced to the smaller case size, they probably wouldn’t have made the cut.  I could have done without another Leia figure as this one doesn’t stand out against the others and while the bounty hunters aren’t major characters, I do remember having action figures of these guys as a kid including the little pig guy.

WDWRobertBesbin Leia: She looks all right but would of love to see here in her Hoth outfit.

AprilUsual miss for me, new Vinylmation series not being released in stores, or in Canada

BigThunder – I’m not a huge Star Wars fan so too many of these figures just don’t make any sense to me, so with half the figures being misses to me, its a little too risky to buy too many blind boxes though I did order a couple of Disneystore.com.

Robert – No ig-88. Really wish the Taun Taun had been done slightly differently. Most creatures are done very well, but this one just looks “off.” The Luke variant was a nice touch, but felt like there should of been a Han variant with the different colored jacket.

Kati – Wish they would have included IG-88 with the rest of the bounty hunters. I feel like I have an incomplete set now. Hoping they somehow incorporate him into a future series or do a special release since he’s the only bounty hunter that hasn’t been done.

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