Vinylmation Vault – Retro EPCOT CENTER Favorite Vinylmations

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Vinylmation Vault looks at Retro EPCOT CENTER Vinylmations

This week on Vinylmation Vault we continue the exploration of Epcot inspired Vinylmations. Pulling out from the Vault will be Walt Disney Imagineering Master Planning, Park Series 8 Epcot Center 1982, Park 8 Future World Mickey and Park 4 EPCOT ‘82 Screen Shot 2014-05-25 at 12.08.10 PM As most of you know the Project X was one of Walt’s last great Dreams of the Future. On October 27th 1966, which was to be one of Walt’s last television appearances before his death in December 15th 1966, did a television program detailing was Florida Project (Project X) was all about. If you have never seen the video just search “ Walt Disney’s Original EPCOT Film on YouTube. What is so uniquely special about this one is that it is the first Map Vinylmation to be produced. Actually the whole Imagineering set is rather unique with its Audio Animatronics, Landscaping, music and more. To help correlate what areas are there on the Vinylmation to the areas on the 1966 Map Walt see the following picture. The one area I was a little confused about was the top right ear so if you feel it’s a different area on the map please let me know.

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Park 8: EPCOT Center 82

Another great Epcot Vinylmation that deserves to be pulled out of the vault as well is the Park 8 EPCOT Center 82. This vinyl is inspired by the Vintage 1982 EPCOT CENTER Kodak Thumbwheel Map Guide & the smaller pocket map guide. Not having the guide itself is a little hard to guess the accuracy of the colors from guide to Vinyl but one can say that that colors that are used on the Vinyl are a nice representation of Blues, Oranges, Purples, and so forth to the maps.

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Park 8: EPCOT, Future World Mickey

EPCOT, Future World Mickey from Park 8 also needs to be added to the Retro EPCOT CENTER lineup. Looking back now these outfits look rather dated but in the early 80’s these were dare I say “Radical” or “Awesome to the max? Sure why not. As a friend of mine said the outfits were like, “Astronaut meets Rainbow Brite”. One item worth mentioning about the 3” version is the fact that the jumpsuit has a glittery appearance just like the actual suit that the full size character. One last note that I just came upon while searching for pictures of the actual characters in the same outfit, as the vinyl was that there was also a character dining experience at the Odyssey Restaurant in 1991. What is even odder is that some of the photos I am sharing are from their dinning experience. Screen Shot 2014-05-25 at 10.15.21 AM Keeping inline with rainbow rendition themed merchandise from the 80’s comes this Park 4 EPCOT ’82 Vinylmation. I just love the Sky Blue in the body with rainbow colored lines followed with the Spaceship Earth in the immediate front. And the last detail that I truly love is the inclusion of the seven original symbols that were operational when the park opened, well maybe give or take a month for accuracy’s sake. One thing that is great about the Vinylmation Vault is that one vinyl or even several like this weeks article was about can tell a story. Well what’s in store for next week vault? Don’t know it has not been opened back up yet.