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It’s Thursday and that means we have 5 new Disney Toy Boxes to download and this weeks theme is the Phineas and Ferb Challenge.  Disney have also released some extra toy boxes by the Think Tank.

  • Save Meap- Big Mitch has captured Meap! Rescue Meap and bring him back to his spaceship. Mitch is sure to get a time out this time! Created by OWLCONNECTOR.
  • TheUnbuildinator- Help Phineas & Ferb complete their project by finding the secret entrance to the Agency. Then destroy Dr.D’s new inator! Created TyForce.
  • Badbeard’s Ballad – Rescue Grumpy before Badbeard can steal his beard! Defeat Maccus to activate nearby super cannons. Singleplayer only. Created by tangled&tron.
  • My Name Is Doof – At a PFT concert, Doof hypnotizes the audience & steals PFT’s equipment. Find 4 instruments & shut down Doof’s broadcast! Created by Finn-Warrior.
  • Summer-Winter- This is Phineas & Ferb’s S’Winter episode! Explore, climb the mountain and play all the mini-games you find on the way. Created by erdadi3

channels4_banner v2I’d also like to introduce a new feature for Vinylmation Kingdom’s Youtube Channel, Toy Box Play Videos where I will be running through the weekly toy boxes.

Here is this weeks episode of Toy Box TV:


What’s your favourite?