Yesterday we brought you the information on Bethany Norris’s upcoming Custom Vinylmation “Disney Switch Up Series” is a unique series based on female characters “switching up” their outfits with a male counterpart from the same movie. This series will go on sale May 19th but we’ll be revealing  two pieces from her series each day this week. Yesterday, we revealed the first two pieces in the series: Tiana and Alice.

Today we are revealing two more designs in this series, Aurora and Rapunzel

aurora rapunzel


Aurora utilizes a “cape design” to best capture the look of Prince Phillip’s attire while Rapunzel borrows the outfit from Flynn Rider.  The frying pan and her hair wrapping around the bottom of her feet completes her look. If you are interested in these designs, stay tuned on Friday on how to buy these designs.



This series will have 10 Vinylmations in the set. We’ve revealed 4 so far. Come back tomorrow for the next two reveals!











Bethany Norris’s Switch Up Custom Vinylmation Series Day 2 Reveals!