Vinylmation Vault – Park Starz Horizon’s Robot Butler

butlerComing from the Vinylmation Vault this week is one of my all time favorite Vinylmation and attraction. I was lucky to have experienced this attraction for the first time in 1986, which actually was my first time to Epcot Center and my first experience to a Disney Park as well. I was in awe of the park and what it had to offer. The attraction was my second ride with Journey into Imagination being the first and from that moment on I became a Fan-Boy of Epcot Center now just called Epcot. Every visit after that I made sure that I made sure to ride Spaceship Earth first (Due to its location at the entrance) and my all time favorite attraction right in the Middle of World of Motion and Universe of Energy and later when Wonders of life Pavilion opened in 1989 was located Horizons. Every aspect of this attraction I loved. The architecture was nothing that I had seen before, the music was nothing I had heard before, the attraction and yes you guessed it was nothing I had enjoyed before. Horizons will always be one of my all time favorite attractions of all time. I truly loved every moment of the ride but there was one part that I always looked forward to and could not wait to see my favorite Animatronic Character and Favorite Park Starz Series 1 Vinylmation the “Robot Butler”.

hae220128LARGE They did a wonderful job on recreating the Robot Butler into Vinylmation form. The design of his head with his uniquely angled nose, his gentleman’s gentlemen gaze and finally his stoic smile all captured in Vinyl form. Now the is one feature that I truly love and if you are not familiar with or did not look for it you will miss on the back of his left leg there you will see the original Symbol for Horizons. 10262063_10203367376619384_6896607396967184531_n

Now there were a few things that I wish they could of added or changed with him. As for the added part I would of loved to see the addition of the Vacuum and for the change it would be to put the feather duster in the correct hand, which would have been in the right hand.

hae111218SMALLThank goodness that the Robot Butler was saved when the demolished the attraction. He currently can be found in the waiting area of Walt Disney One Mans Dream.

10299955_10203367370579233_2224664161460961741_nNext week we will open up the Vinylmations Kingdom’s Vinylmation Vault to look at another great Vinylmation and its amazing story it has to offer.