Welcome to a brand new edition of Hits and Misses as members of the Vinylmation Kingdom community share their thoughts on a series and this week we take a look at Pirates of the Caribbean Series 2.

pirates tray]


RogPalmerUK – I’m a huge Pirates of the Caribbean fan, both the rides and the movie so for me this set was an instant must have, pretty much from the minute I saw the preview of Davy Jones from way back in September.  There are three instant stand out figures from this series that look fantastic, first off we have the awesome skeleton which might be a little too similar to the figures from series 1 but the glow in the dark variant makes this even more awesome and in my mind, you can never have too many skeleton’s.  Davy Jones is another extremely cool design and is probably one of the main characters in this set, I think they’ve done a great job in spreading his tentacles over the body and the hat accessory is a nice touch.  The red lady is also another great design though I still prefer the Park Starz version, this one looks maybe a little too close to that figure which is a slight disappointment.

WDWRobertWhen I heard about that they were making another Pirates of the Caribbean Vinylmation set I was reserve about how I felt. I asked myself what else could they possibly make into Vinylmation form from the attraction that would be worthwhile. Well they proved me wrong by creating a solid Pirates of the Caribbean Series 2 and thankfully with only 8 this time instead of 12. With a set of only 8 it makes for a cheaper case and also, in my opinion makes for less “filler” Vinyls needed to make it a set of 12.

Hits: Carlos –The transformation from Audio Animatronic or “AA” to Vinylmation is amazing. The new mold works perfectly for his face as his face has a roundish appearance. The addition of the dripping water is a nice touch. Jailed Pirate: To help aid me in comparing the “Jailed Pirate” Vinyl to the actual one in the attraction I turned to YouTube where I was reminded that there a total of 6 in jail and the Vinyl one if the one from the 1st set of 3 and not the second more famous set that are closer to the dog. On a side note the three jailed pirates close to the dog would have been an awesome 3 Vinyl set to have released. Well finally getting back to the subject the “Jailed Pirate” looks compare to his AA friend. The facial expression is well done. The vest Jacket looks a little different but its good enough for me!

Redhead: What a wonderful job they did with my Read Head! I love the Park Starz one but the 3” version looks just as amazing. The one feature I like about the Park Starz one is that she shows a little of the her extra girlish charm with a little bit of the dress ever so slightly showing some…

Pirate Helmsman: It took 3 tries to get this one perfect. The Park 5 looked nothing like the one from the attraction AA but still made for an interesting Vinyl. The Pirate Series 1 looked pretty good but still missed the mark on capturing the look. With the Pirates Series 2 this Helmsman is amazing. The addition of the Lightning was a great touch. Then there’s the Variant that Glows-in-the-Dark! This is what a variant should be.

Peg-Leg-Parrot: As for Chasers this is one of my all time favorites. I always love it when a chaser is worth chasing after. They did an amazing job on this one. What a wonderful transformation from AA to Vinyl!

 Timothy – Wasn’t entirely sure about getting this series; being quite new to Vinylmation collecting, I missed out entirely on the first PotC and the On Stranger Tides set. But once I noticed that Davy Jones was being included, having a few of the collection became a must.

Glad to see Disney is continuing with the more recent mold that utilizes slightly larger heads. It might only be the difference of a quarter inch, but it prevents the figures suffering from the onset of gout. Also like the avoidance of black lines and the use of either lighter or darker colors; the figures appear far less graphic and more painterly with this technique.

Hits: The Auctioneer is spot on, from his ginger hair to his frilly kerchief. Love the water drops on Carlos’ forehead and the ropes circling his body. Red Head is perfectly busty. I’ve seen complaints about the Jail Pirate, but when I went on the PotC ride in ‘78, THAT’S what he looked like; and the detail of bars on the mouse ears are a nice subtle touch.

The Helmsman is wonderfully evocative of that moment on the ride when you realize you’re floating into dangerous territory; the bleached white bones, grey tattered clothing, and blood-red bandana are far creepier than the almost friendly yellowed of the Helmsman from the first series. Particularly love the lightning bolts on his mouse ears; you can almost feel the misty sea wind whipping a chill through your bones when you passed him.

But there’s two real out-of-the-ballpark hits in this series: Davy Jones and the Peg-Leg Parrot. Designer Casey Jones absolutely nailed Davy’s likeness: the soft, almost ocean-blue of his eyes; the captured movement of his tentacles; the inclusion of the lobster claw; and the random bubbles scattered across the figure. That is Davy Jones, boiled down to three inches and no less menacing than he would be at his full height.

And then there’s that parrot, that glorious Peg-Leg Parrot, that shaved-belly icon of the original Pirates of the Caribbean attraction. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to add him to my collection, but the pictures I’ve seen tell me all I need to know. The green of his plumage, the pink of his bald belly, the simple detail of the anchor tattoo; seeing him takes me right back to the first time I stood in line to see WDW’s pirates. I may love Davy Jones, but I ADORE that parrot.


RogPalmerUK – I have purchased a case for this entire series which instantly puts all the figures in the hits category but just to be a little picky I’m gonna throw the guy from the jail into the misses pile as my least favourite.

 Timothy – Misses: While I wouldn’t call any of these figures a miss, not even the rather lackluster Flute Pirate I glossed over, the one complaint I do have is the absence of accessories. The Auctioneer needs his sword; the Flute Pirate needs his flute; the Jail Pirate should’ve had a bone firmly in his grip. The parrot got a peg-leg, but Davy had to be satisfied with a painted version. I would’ve liked to see Red Head in the new Minnie mold, with a slit up the leg. This entire line was great, but those little accessories could’ve made it phenomenal.

Still, this collection nailed it where the first just sort of tacked it down. PotC 2 simply feels like the ride, both classic and modern incarnations. You can hold one of these figures in your hand and smile as you remember precisely which scene they’re from. Yeah, we may collect Vinylmation, but in reality these are souvenirs. And that’s what souvenirs should do: remind you of the Magic.



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