SANDmanFINALpics 005

Last week, we gave you a taste of Paul Dartt’s (Vision Designs) Disney Infinity Dark Series, a selection of your favorite Disney Infinity characters as their evil alter egos. Since making those, Paul has created some amazing pieces, including this design exclusively for me to reveal here: Wreck-It Sandman.

SANDmanFINALpics 005

Says Paul:

This custom idea was inspired by one of Spider-Man’s classic villains…the Sandman. The base I decided on making it look more like a pile of sand he was forming from, and I also decided to split the design with half sand and half normal. I also added a heavy dose of sparkles to give the sand some more effect as it shimmers in the sunlight. The sparkles also add a nice sandy texture to his sandy half.
SANDmanFINALpics 006 SANDmanFINALpics 007
SANDmanFINALpics 001
This is an amazing piece. Thank you, Paul, for creating it especially for us to show here.


In an first, Paul will be putting this awesome piece up for sale over at our Vinylmation Kingdom Auction House, a place where our members can put up for auction their Disney Infinity, Vinylmation, and Funko items. Starting tomorrow, May 6th, you can join the site and bid on Wreck-It Sandman for a chance to add it to your Disney Infinity Collection.