vm_star_wars_s_tray_the-_empire_strikes_back_orgWith the release of the Star Wars Series 4 blind box series due out in May, we thought it would be a interesting to guess at what the chaser could be for this series.

Boba Fett – We haven’t had a new Boba Fett on the new Mickey Mold and he was one of the most popular figures from the first series and if he was to be the chaser for this series, he would be extremely popular and very sought after.

bobafettWampa – One of the iconic scenes in the movie was when Luke was attacked by the snow monster while on the planet Hoth (and a perfect way of explaining the damage to Mark Hamill’s face), this character would be extremely popular and a perfect chaser.

wampaLando – While Lando was considered to be the figure you’d most likely find in a trade box, he was a major character in the Empire Strikes Back movie and could easily make a return here.

landoYoda – Yoda was also a major character in Empire Strikes Back but considering he is a Junior in the twin pack with Luke Skywalker but considering we also have another Luke Skywalker in this series, he could be an outsider’s choice for getting the new mold treatment on a 3″.

yodaWhat do you think the Star Wars Series 4 Chaser Will Be?