So, today’s announcement focused on the new Marvel Super Heroes Starter Pack for Disney Infinity 2.0 and The Avengers Play Set. With it came a new trailer, with some images that strengthen their statement today at the event… there WILL be more than just The Avengers in DI 2.0. There will also be other Marvel franchises and Disney franchises represented. Here is the new trailer:

Let’s start off with who we see from Marvel:

~Nick Fury: A S.H.I.E.L.D. agent associated with The Avengers. We see him standing with The Avengers. I sure hope he is a playable character.


~ Rocket Raccoon and Groot: This awesome duo from the upcomiing Guardians of the Galaxy movie are sure to be a big hit. Hopefully we get the rest of the team.


~ Spider-Man: Obviously, everyone’s favorite web-slinger would be a great choice as a character. Interesting to see what Disney does with this, since Sony has the movie rights.


~ M.O.D.O.K., Loki, and Ultimate Green Goblin: I do not know if these baddies will be playable characters or not, but it would be awesome if they were.



Now let’s go on to the three Disney characters we see:

~ Stitch: He’s lovable, but would he work as his own Play Set? Could we see him as a Toy Box only character?


~Merida: Both a Pixar property AND a Disney Princess, I had a feeling this red head would make an appearance in DI 2.0.


~Maleficent: With the live action movie coming out, this is a no-brainer… kind of looks like an Angelina Jolie version as well. SWEET!


So, for all of you non- Avengers/ Marvel people out there, fear not….. more is on the way! Looking forward to E3!