What Could Be The Ink & Paint Chaser?

inkpaintWith the release of the Ink & Paint blind box series due out in May, we thought it would be a interesting to guess at what the chaser could be for this series.

1) Minnie Mouse – Almost everyone’s instant reaction to seeing the 7 commons in this series is that its missing one very important character, Minnie Mouse, making it almost a shoe in for the chaser for this series and it’ll be interesting to see Minnie Mouse as a chaser for the first time. minnie ink guess2) Oswald – This one is maybe less likely, but since Oswald is older than Mickey Mouse, he fits nicely into the theme of this series however Oswald was the chaser for the Classics series and while anything Oswald related seems to be selling like hotcakes, it would be a great nod to the classic Disney character and Enrique’s artwork could give this character a different style to the other figures recently released.

oswald-the-lucky-rabbit3) Chip & Dale – I am a massive Chip and Dale fan and while Chip & Dale didn’t debut until many years after many of the other characters in this series, they are still one of the classic figures and throwing in a variant super chaser of Dale or Chip could make the chase very interesting for die hard collectors.


What do you think the chaser will be?

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