Hits & Misses – Pirates of the Caribbean Series 1

Welcome to a brand new edition of Hits and Misses as members of the Vinylmation Kingdom community share their thoughts on a series and this week we take a look at the classic Pirates of the Caribbean Series 1.


RogPalmerUK – I’m a huge Pirates of the Caribbean fan, both the movies and the ride, it was one of my Dad’s favourite rides and since he would never go on anything big or fast, it was a rare treat.  So this has a special place in my childhood memories and I think this series does a good job in covering the majority of the main characters from that attraction.

I’ve got to kick off with easily the best figure of the whole series, Captain Jack Sparrow, he might a new addition to the attraction but this figure is simply fantastic and without doubt an all time classic figure that is extremely popular.  I also think the chaser is pretty neat, though the On Stranger Tides version is maybe slightly better due to the peg leg.   My other favourite figures include the skeleton’s, they just look fantastic and who doesn’t like skeleton’s.

Joshua Jackson -My first hit for this series is hook hand. The main reason I love this figure so much is he’s the first vinyl to ever feature the hook hand! It was a great accessory they added instead of being lazy by painting it on. Second hit Barbosa, I love his hat and facial expression! Third hit is skeleton pirate with hat. I love everything about him! Whether it be the awesome hat or all the detail out into his body. He’s just an all around great figure!

WDWRobertAs I have mentioned in the past the Pirate of the Caribbean Series was the series that made me a Vinylmation collector. With an attraction that has so many great characters to choose from one could tell that this series would not be a single series release. Having said that one can see that this set of twelve will have a good mix of characters. Having said that, one can surmise that there will be a mix of major and minor characters in this release.

The Skeletons: I just love these guys! These are much better looking than the Park 5 Helmsman. It’s hard to pick which of the 3 Skeletons I like most. The Skeleton Helmsman & Skeleton Crewmembers are nice but the Skeleton Beaded Pirate with his hat and muted colored beads is my favorite. Jack Sparrow in Barrel: They did a nice job capturing the look but I would of loved if they actually used some type of barrel to put him in. Dirty Pig: The moment I look at this one it instantly transfers me to scene where the pig is blissfully enjoying the muddy grounds around him.

 BigThunder – I love the Pirates movies and think the ride is an all time classic, but I don’t remember most of the characters from the ride in that much detail and I had thought they might have done a few more movie characters but I love the Captain Jack Vinylmation and would love to one day add it to my collection.  I also think the skeleton’s are pretty cool.


RogPalmerUK – There are two figures I’ve never been a huge fan of, first off we have the pig who looks out of place but it is at least a good representation of something in the attraction and then we have the Fat Lady which is just a disappointing figure.

Joshua Jackson – Misses First miss is tiny. This is my lest favorite figure of the entire series, there’s next to no detail out into her and she just looks like a lazy and cheap vinyl. Second miss is the pig, I’ll admit that he is rather cute but like tiny he strikes me as being another lazy vinyl. My final miss is the Pirate with glasses, I don’t know what it is about this figure but I just don’t like it. The detail is there but he facial expression is just off, he just doesn’t seem like a pirate.

WDWRobertNone. Seriously none.

BigThunder – Most of the figures from this series are lost on me, so its a very hit and miss set for me, with the majority of them being misses.

NEXT TIME – Pirates of the Caribbean Series 2

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