Disney Infinity Custom Spotlight: Vision Designs’ Dark Series

Seems that these days, with any vinyl collectible, customs start popping up. I will be honest: when I first saw Disney Infinity, I never thought that someone would customize them much. However, I was happily mistaken. Recently, one of the¬†members from our Infinity and Beyond Facebook group has taken to making some pretty fun customs. Let’s take a look at Paul from Vision Designs’ Dark Series.

Customs 001

Says Paul, “My group of Dark customs were an idea I had to transform these typical heroes into an evil alter ego of their true selves.” They remind me of the Dark Series that appeared in the Skylanders figures, but with splashes of bright color at times. The red eyes is a nice touch.

Dark Rapunzel

Angles 001 Angles 002

Angles 003 Angles 004

Dark Woody

Angles 005 Angles 006

Angles 007 Angles 008

Dark Vanellope

Angles2 001 Angles2 005

Angles2 004 Angles2 003

Dark Wreck-It Ralph

Angles 009 Angles 010

Angles 011 Angles 012

Paul has some other amazing designs that we will feature over the next couple of months. Great job, Paul.

To view more of Paul’s customs, you can visit his Facebook page Vision Designs.

If you are a Disney Infinity custom artist and would like to be featured here at Infinity and Beyond, please email me at travis@vinylmationkingdom.com.