Hits & Misses – Urban 1

hitsWelcome to a retro edition of Hits and Misses as members of the Vinylmation Kingdom community share their thoughts on a series and this week we take a look at the classic Urban 1 Series.


RogPalmerUK – Non-Disney designs have always been part of Vinylmation, as much as most of us have reconditioned ourselves to avoid anything Non-Disney, this is still considered to be a classic series that still has some highly desired figures, I know I would love to add Oopsy to my collection, its an all time classic figure that Disney even re-released as a USB drive.  I also really like the blacked out Mickey figure, where all you can see is his eyes.  One of the best things about this early Urban series is that its loosely based on Disney, there are a couple of Mickey’s in there and even a Pirates of the Caribbean themed one.

But for me, Urban 1 contains my number 1 holy grail, the El Raton Mexican wrestler, as a huge wrestling fan, this is always been very high on my most wanted list.

Spark -Even though, myself, i’ve not got any of these, i love this series! They series features some awesome, original designs! The Oopsy Mickey and the Mummy 9″ would have to be my favorites! I really like how these were the first of there kind, before many more great Urban’s were released!

Bridgette – Urban 1 has always been my favourite series, even though I haven’t the luxury to own them. Checkered: A favourite design of mine, high on my wants list even though it has a simple design.
Oopsy: The artist put great care in the makings of this figure. I bought the USB because I can’t afford the real one!

WDWRobert – I’ve never a huge fan of the Urban Series but every now and again they turn some really creative. To me, when they first released this series I was expecting to see Iconic Disney Characters, Attractions & Parades with an urban feel. And I think for the most part that is true but some I am not sure whom they were trying to appeal to.

El Super Raton: I love this one. There is a super hero feel to Mickey and great color combo too. Pinball: This vinyl is a great example of what an Urban Series should look like. With Bumper Caps used for Mickeys eyes and a roll over button for his nose makes for a very imaginative piece to say the least! Pirates of the Caribbean: This vinyl is definitely an urban twist of an iconic attraction. Okay so here is the honest truth. What is it? I think it’s a bandana. What do you think?


RogPalmerUK – There are plenty of figures in this series that are misses to me, I’m just not keen on about two thirds of the series because I’ve been made accustom to not caring about Non-Disney related figures, while none of these figures are “awful”, I do think looking back over 5 years later, shows just how far the design team have done in mastering how to make designs work on the mold.

Spark – I think a few of them are quite bad. Swiss Cheese, Who’s there?, Glow Mickey and even the Golden Chaser, i think in my honest opinion are not awfully great! They don’t have a lot going on, on them are just are frankly, too plain!

Bridgette – Some of these vinylmations aren’t that great.  Gold: Even though it’s the first ever chaser, it’s pretty much just store-bought acrylic gold spray painted on a vinylmation design.  Who’s There: Pretty much just eye decals on a black vinylmation.  If faced with a decision of buying a case of Urban 1 vinylmations, I’d say check the price, as it is a good set but multiple designs are not the greatest. Mainly a collectors item.

WDWRobert – Furr: Along with the Urban 5 Hippie Furr is just one vinylmation I am not sure why they put this one into production. I think if they made the front the back and back the front I would of dis-liked a little less.

Gold: Okay so this is it? Just one color and nothing else? Yes this is the first Urban series but I think they could done almost anything better than this.

Swiss Cheese: Well maybe they made this one as mice technically like cheese.

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