The other night I was looking at the shelves of my Vinylmation collection and thinking “I need to change the shelves over to make more space” as originally when I started collecting I brought some Acrylic three tiered shelves for my glass cabinet but then when I got my spare bookcase, I moved over to the Lakeland “Step it Up” shelving set which almost doubled the amount of figures I could get into the same space.  I went through my collection and over the three display cabinets (I have an Ikea glass cabinet in the living room and in the spare room a large book case plus a tall CD rack and I had the dreaded thought “I’m gonna run out of space soon”.

I have maybe space for another 100 figures if I move some shelves around, reposition some of the figures, take some out of the boxes and convert the last few shelves over to the Lakeland Step it Up shelves.

Now some collectors might just say, well just buy another cabinet or move house.  A great idea in theory but my lovely wife might disagree with that thought.  Other suggestions to me include rotating my display, put some away in storage, I would agree to that if its Halloween or Christmas but I usually have a thing about putting things in the cupboard/under the stairs (I don’t have a loft nor garage/shed) that if they aren’t used, do we really need them.  And I have that same thought in the back of my head, if I’m going to put most of the Have a Laugh Series and Tunes in a box, why not actually just sell/trade them.

Simply put, I’m getting to that dreaded point where I need to take a good hard look at what I’m collecting.   Earlier this year I wrote an article about how I was changing my buying habits, how I was no longer interested in buying everything and how I brought things.   This might have slowed down the growth of my collection this year but at some point, I’m gonna run out of room and then things are going to get a bit messy.

I have a collection of nearly 800 figures, that’s a hell of a lot!   When I think about how much they could put in my bank account at the moment, it does make me cringe.

The other night I went through my list of vinyls on Chasing Vinylmation and just ticked every figure I maybe could get rid of, I was a bit ruthless and before I knew it, I had put over a 100 vinyls on that “target” list.  This was much more successful that I originally thought, as I had tried this a year ago but only cleared out about 30 figures (mainly Sea Creatures and some randoms like Urban’s and Under the Big Top).  There are some sets I brought that at the time I was a bit more into and some of them were available in the UK so I brought them, sets like Tunes, Alice in Wonderland, Toy Story, Classics, Have a Laugh and the 25th Anniversary series.  There are a few from each set that I like, but the rest aren’t that amazing (sorry Emu, Big Baby, Country Daisy and Bambi!) that I could get rid of.  But breaking up a set isn’t easy, the first series I did this with was the Classics set where I got 11 of them (no Oswald) and decided to clear out half of the figures as I just haven’t a clue who they were.  I also managed to get a complete set of 110th Japanese figures since they randomly went on sale in the UK, I like a few of them (Donald, Genie and Pooh) but had they not been released in the UK, I wouldn’t have actually brought them.

One of the things that jumped out at me from the beginning was I had a much clearer view of what I want to keep which is a good start, anything Park related (Park, POTC, Park Starz, Haunted Mansion etc) and location related (city, park, event etc) instantly stood out as stuff I want to keep.  Which explains why these are in the Living Room cabinet, these are what I love the most.   The next level of figures are mainstream characters like Star Wars, Marvel and sets like Animation/Pixar/Furry/W&T.  Muppets is a series I have a bit of a like/dislike for, I have the 3 sets but only really like the main characters (more so for series 2 and 3).

While it might be easier to not buy certain items from future releases, actually looking at what I’ve already brought is much harder.  I’m sure lots of collectors go through these same thoughts, unless you’ve got a room put aside where you can buy as much as you want (lucky you).

My first step is to order a few more Step it Up shelves and reorganise my collection, sort out the boxes (I already found I had to un-box lots of figures before to make space, my general rule of if it gets discounted in price, open it!) and generally sort out the space I’ve got.  Then while organising my figures, have a closer look at what I don’t really want and get rid of some.  It’s never an easy choice to go through and trim off some of the fat but I hope my collection is better in the long run.

What are your thoughts?