Hits and Misses – Topiaries

Welcome to a brand new edition of Hits and Misses as members of the Vinylmation Kingdom community share their thoughts on a series and this week we take a look at the Topiary Series.


RogPalmerUK – The Topiary series is a very interesting concept, they are a major part of the Epcot Flower and Garden event and even feature outside Hollywood Studios, so they have their hearts very much planted (see what I did there?) in the park themed Vinylmation.   The 5 figures themselves are all nicely designed, they look different enough from their previous figures to stand out and I love the Donald Duck with the Bee in the ear.  The idea of putting out a combo topper as the only way to get them is a little interesting and I’ll admit I am planning on picking up a pack to get the Sorcerer Mickey which looks pretty neat.

Ben Whitmore – : Donald! the trademark angry face and big red bow is a must for my collection. The addition of a bee on the ear is also a nice touch as it throws back to the classic Donald cartoons (Bee On Guard, Honey harvesters and Bee At The Beach) which usually explains what has caused him to have such a face. Its this attention to detail that makes this vinyl a literal must have for any collector or fan of Donald.

Joshua Jackson –  My first hit for this set is sorcerer Mickey. I love this figure! My favorite thing about this figure is the all the detail the artist put into it. I really enjoy the stars and moons on the hat as well as the classic red robe. Second but is Donald, I love his facial expression and all the small details the artist added like the bee and hat in the ear. My final his is daisy. I love her! From the butterflies in the ears, the light pink bow, the cute facial expression, the light pink dress, and all the small details in the dress make this a great figure.

WDWRobert – Daisy Duck: I am going on the preverbal limb for this one and say this is by far the best Daisy Duck vinylmation they have ever done. The pink colored flowered dress & bow really compliments Daisy’s green dense foliage body. The dancing butterflies on the clear ears complete this really well done vinylmation.

Donald Duck: Topiary Donald in my absolute favorite in the Vinylmation Garden. The artist really captured what to me is the perfect amount of disdained glee! Once again, using clear ears allows for the addition of buzzing which is obviously the cause of Donald’s curmudgeon demeanor.

Minnie Mouse: Though not as enchanting as Daisy, Minnie complete with red dress and matching bow make for a truly lovable topiary. Sorcerer Mickey: From the very moment I saw this Mickey Topiary my mind instantly transcended me to Disney Hollywood Studios and a garden where Sorcerer Mickey is using his newly acquired magical powers to do his biding of mopping up the floor. I am happy to see a slightly darker type of foliage to create the right balance of appearance.


RogPalmerUK –  Figure wise, I’m not keen on Daisy Duck and if I get any figure except for Donald, I will be instantly trying to trade for it, I just don’t want two different versions of Mickey Mouse.  Why didn’t they do another character like Pluto or Goofy?  And why just do 4 characters?  Why not make this a full 8 piece series with other well known characters like Stitch or Beauty & The Beast?  I understand Disney wanted to try something different and to “bring the chase back” but making people buy combo toppers is insane as the price of the Sorcerer Mickey is going to plummet as people try to sell off their traders.  I think this might have been a bit more exciting if they had added a limited edition size with different ratios to spice things up, but this just seems like a cash grab.

WDWRobert – Mickey Mouse: With only a total of 5 topiaries did they really need to have too Mickeys? Yes Sorcerer Mickey is a Topper and thus one is technically in the set of 4 it still doesn’t explain why they felt the need to have two Mickeys. The Mickey Mouse itself looks fine though his high wasted pants lends to a feeling of an “Old Man” Mickey.

Topper Setup & Price: I’m not sure why the thought there was a need for a Topper in this series as a whole. But my guess is somewhere in the Design & Marketing department thought that this was a good idea. I would have been okay with the $24.95 price is there were only one Mickey in the series. Well there is some good to this though too. The Sorcerer Mickey will be very cheap to collect, as everyone will be buying them up as to try to finish the set.

Joshua Jackson – My only miss for this set is Mickey. He’a just to plain, there’s not a lot of detail and it looks like the artist took the lazy route in him.

Ben Whitmore – : Its hard to pick a miss in a collection that you really like however if I had to choose it would be Daisy Duck. Clearly the collection wouldn’t be complete without her however the pink dress is slightly overboard for me with all the other vinyl relying on greens and red this colour choice made the least sense to me.

I also have a few other issues with this series, why didn’t they do it flocked like Duffy?  That would have been so cool, I just feel this series has gone some great figures but the execution in how its been delivered is going to annoy collectors.


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