1622126_780141398676639_958933701_nThe Central Florida Pin Traders group have shared some details on next months Unofficial Vinylmation Trading Event


April 12, 2014 12-5 pm
Disney’s All Star Sports Food Court

Welcome everybody to our eggstra special trade meet this month. We are going to have a Egg Basket Hunt for pins, vinyls and Special prizes. All it takes is a LE pin 2500 or less to enter.

We will also have our usual regular trade board, the 2 limited edition trade boards and the vinylmation trading box. You can enter the raffle by writing your name on the back of your food court receipt and by making a donation to the club.

Thank you to everyone for purchasing from the food court. Not only does this get you a entry to the raffle but I add them all up and turn them over to the Resort. This is a great way to show our appreciation and benefit of having us come there.

We look forward to seeing all our friends and making new ones. It’s so nice every month to meet new traders to our group and to the pin trading “addiction.” No pin collection is too small or too big for a our group. We are all “Disney PIN Addicts United” So let’s go forth and trade!!! I think I just created our motto!

Chris & Dan