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blank_001 I’ve been waiting to watch Blank – A Vinylmation Love Story since I first found out about it last year and as a Vinylmation collector, this is a must since this is the first official animation featuring our favourite little figures.

Unfortunately Disney didn’t make Blank available for international viewers straight away but thankfully that’s been fixed, so now I have been able to sit down and enjoy the movie I’ve been promoting for months! Though its a little strange seeing Vinylmation moving around, I’m more used to seeing them in my display cabinet.

Much like the UK’s own Wallace & Gromit movies, this short was filmed using stop motion video and tells the story of “Blank” who is left unpainted when its his turn to go through the paint and ink factory because its the end of the shift and quickly Blank meets Bow, another unpainted figure who lives above the factory, avoiding the worker Cranes. They quickly fall in love and it doesn’t take too long for Bow to be caught by the Cranes and the adventure begins as Blank tries to find Bow. Meeting lots of different of interesting characters along the way before eventually catching up with Bow to be reunited. From here they get up to mischief as the creative juice starts flowing as every unpainted Vinyl in the factory starts to create their own personality rather than be a Robot 2 or Under the Big Top (who can blame them!).

This movie doesn’t feature any dialog but with simple storytelling, its a charming movie. The stop motion method is so different to almost everything else Disney are doing nowadays, with all the computer animated movies, this method works perfectly with the Vinylmation figures, had it been done like any other Pixar short, I don’t think it would have worked as well. So many of the kids TV shows I grew up watching were made this way, so it isn’t anything new but today, its pretty different from anything else.

blank_004Originally this movie was going to be released as small 3 minute videos, but Disney decided to release it as a full blown short around Valentines. Which seems to have worked out for the best, breaking it down into smaller parts might have been better from the view of smaller viewers with short attention spans, but having the entire movie in one short burst was a better option to have available for older viewers.

It’s so cool seeing so many cameos of other Vinylmation in this series, such as the Park Starz Squid saving Blank or the appearance of the Yeti and lots of other cameos that I’m sure Vinylmation collectors will be on the look out for.

Some could say its a huge advert for Vinylmation, which could be true, but if Lego can do it, why no Vinylmation? But for the vast majority of the movie, we only see the unique characters, not just existing figures, so I wouldn’t say its promoting any particular series though its a very strong advert for the Create Your Own brand.

This short movie won’t be for everyone, but the underlying story of love, friendship and wanting to be yourself are very well told. Its entertaining and I had a few laughs along the way and I’m sure a few people would have shed a tear at certain points of the movie. Simple ideas are often the best and with just a position of the body and the right soundtrack can portray a wide range of emotions. Its an entertaining short about Vinylmation that has been incredibly well made and its been made available for free, so what’s to complain about. Some people might call it Cute (heck there was a few Cutesters in the movie too!) and I’m really impressed with how well it turned out. Its a good heartfelt animated short for the whole family to enjoy and if kids then want to get involved in doing their own customs, even better.

I would recommend anyone who hasn’t seen this movie yet, to head over to and watch the movie, its free!

What did you think of Blank – A Vinylmation Love Story?