New Disney Infinity Game Guide Explains the Dragon Gate

It has been talked about here on Infinity and Beyond, over at our Facebook Group, and on the Inside Disney Infinity Podcast. A lot of people know about it, but with more and more people joining the DI community daily, some are still unaware. Out of those who know about it, not everyone is aware how to get it. I, of course, am talking about the MagicBand and the Dragon Gate Toy Box Item. However, with the release of the updated Disney Infinity Game Guide this week, we got some official explanation of the Disney Dragon.


In addition to the collectible Power Discs, there is one other special item you can acquire to bring something new to the Toy Box. An RFID wristband known as a MagicBand (available at Walt Disney World) can be placed on the hexagonal section of the Infinity Portal to unlock the Dragon Gate Toy Box item. Once the Dragon Gate is placed in your Toy Box, a dragon inspired by New Fantasyland will fly around your Toy Box. In addition, after waiting a short but random length of time longer, three green toy capsules will appear. The first contains the Dragon’s Keep, which is fantasy-filled Toy Box items for the Disney Dragon. The second capsule folds the Dragon’s Flight Sky, which is an exclusive Sky Theme for the Disney Dragon to soar through. The last green capsule has the Dragon’s Domain, which is a Terrain Theme filled with surfaces and objects inspired by the Disney Dragon.

I thank the team at Disney Infinity and the people over at Prima for including this in the updated Game Guide. It needed to be spelled out for everyone. However, a couple of points:

~ I have noticed that the Dragon Gate gets unlocked when you place the band on the 2nd player circle on the base, not the hexagonal area where Power Discs usually go.

~ You can also get the Dragon Gate from a friend through online play. You will both need: compatible consoles, a Disney Infinity account linked to a valid console account (XBox LIVE, etc.), and the game loaded up on each of the consoles. Then, the person wanting the Dragon Gate invites the person with the MagicBand into one of their Toy Boxes. Once there, the person with the MagicBand places the band on their Infinity Base. Once registered, the Dragon Gate should appear in the Toy Box menu of the person needing it.

~ NOTE: Since online play is not available for the Wii version, nobody with that console can get the Dragon Gate from a friend.

If you would like to get the Dragon Gate and you do not have a MagicBand, if you join our Facebook Group, you can find people willing to help others of the same console. I am on there and will help anyone with an X-Box 360 console, for example. I know that there are others over there to help with the WiiU and the PS3 versions as well.

Special thanks to Infinity and Beyond member Jay Bradley for the picture. Stay tuned the rest of this week as we bring you more fun updates from the new Game Guide.