Hits & Misses – Theme Park Favourites

Welcome to Hits and Misses where members of the Vinylmation Kingdom community share their thoughts on a series and this week we take a look at the Theme Park Favourites series.

theme park faveHits

RogPalmerUK – I only have picked up a single Theme Park Favourite which is the T-Shirt figure as it was really cheap on DS.com and I couldn’t resist while placing an order but this series is a very generic series aimed at casual collectors and theme park guests.  That being said, I like a few of the designs and feel had they thrown them into an Urban series, they could have been very popular.  The Character Mix figure is pretty decent design and I also think the signature figure is perfect reminder of a trip to the park.  Even going against my better judgment, I obtained a Princess figure in a eBay bundle and was really impressed with how the figure had been designed with the shadows of classic Princesses (though I still sold it on!)

 InfinityBrothers – This series in my opinion has a original mix of designs, they are available most of the time due to they are a open-series which can have it’s faults. These vinylmations are good in the fact they are aimed at kids as well as adult collectors, specially with the character signature vinylmation.

 WDWRobert – With only liking a few of the Open Edition Series in general, the “Theme Park Favorites” continued my dislike for them. Now there were a few in this series that I really liked. But what I really don’t understand is why some of the Vinylmations were doing in this series.

Hits: The three Shirt ones were a nice idea. Having different colors choices was a nice touch. The Blue and Red ones were nice color choices however; the Yellow one was my least favorite. Now if they had picked a Green or even a clear one that would have been great! Next up would be the Character Letters one was another identifiable choice for a Theme Park look. This Vinylmation has a real nice color combo, which is a hit for me.


RogPalmerUK – The whole Theme Park Favourites series is pretty weak in my eyes but its a good series to put it on the shelves in the parks to grab people’s attention but there are some rather boring designs such as the Ying Yang and Rainbow figures which just look so dull.

 InfinityBrothers – These like i said before, are an open series, and to be honest kinda defeats the point of hunting down vinylmations for your collection. This are to be honest, always online to buy, and never seam to stop being sold. I like to collect vinylmations which you don’t often see around.

WDWRobert – Peace Love Mickey. I have just one question. How is this a Theme Park Favorite? What is the link between Theme Park Favorite and this Green thing? Yin Yang: Again what does this have to do with being a Theme park Favorite? This Vinyl has no reason being here. Rainbow: Again a nice Vinyl but why is it here in this series? Autograph: This is a great example of a Theme Park Favorite but the light blue arms and ears don’t work for me. Lastly why are they bringing some of these types back? I passed the 1st time and I will pass the 2nd time as well.

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