Vinylmations Hoarders Next Door – Graham & Claire Interview

Hoarder Preview 1A brand new series of Horder Next Door started this week on Channel 4 in the United Kingdom and features Vinylmation Kingdom Trader’s Graham & Claire who will appear in Episode 3 which airs on 3rd April at 8pm.  I spoke with Graham & Claire about their collection last year and upon finding out about them taking part in this TV show which pulls in a regular 2 millions viewers per episode, I spoke with Graham & Claire about appearing what it was like appearing on the show:

Hoarder Preview 3

Could you introduce yourself?

Claire & Graham from Essex

What made you decide to take part in hoarders next door?

There was a post on Facebook looking for collectors and we were tagged in it. We filled out the online form not knowing what it was for and got a call back the next day from channel 4 asking for what we collected and also photos of the collection.

971652_10152301693073029_451649105_nWhat was involved in making the TV show?

We had an initial day of filming so that the production company could go back to channel 4 to see if we were suitable for the show. Channel 4 were impressed by the collection and also Claire as a TV personality, We filmed approximately 25 hours of footage over 8 days.

Has the show helped curb the hoarding?

We aren’t hoarders thankfully. Claire is a collector, she’s not ashamed of her collection and doesn’t try to hide it like hoarders. She is extremely proud of her collection and relished the opportunity to share it on TV and also promote Vinylmation within the UK.

How many Vinylmations are in your collection?

At present there is approximately 2700.

935807_10152301693318029_1163300129_nHow do you explain your Disney collection to guests ? (Something many of us collectors deal with)

I don’t think she explains it to anyone (She’s a bit like Mary Poppins in that regard!). If they don’t understand it or don’t like it it doesn’t worry her.

What is the difference between hoarding & collecting ?

Collecting is a passion and something that you enjoy and are willing to share with others. Hoarding is unfortunately a terrible mental disorder that people are ashamed of and hide from others. They will always find a reason to hold on to objects, rubbish or otherwise.

Are you planning on downsizing your collection?

No, there are far to many things still to collect and to add to the collection. Things will go but only to make room for more stuff You will see in our episode that we donate a lot to charity.

How often do you visit a Disney theme park?

We try to get to a Disney park at least 3 times a year. Twice a year to Florida and once a year to Paris for Claire’s birthday.

1012803_10152301692658029_436729336_nWhat was your first Vinylmation?

Claire’s first Vinyl was Minnie’s Dress from Cutesters 1.

How are you feeling about your hoarding problem going global?

Thankfully we don’t have a hoarding problem but we’re really looking forward to sharing Claire’s collection with the world!!!

Here is a trailer for the series:

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