Disney Infinity TRU Update: Power Discs, Crystal Agent P, and a New Buzz?

Thanks to my friends over at Toys ‘R’ Us, I have some more information in regards to upcoming product:

Series 3 Power Discs- Release Date: 4/1/14

TRU has had a release date of April 1, 2014 for a while now, but with the original date being in February, we were thinking this was just a placeholder date. However, with March coming this weekend, we are now a month out from that release date. It is on a Tuesday, which coincides with most video game release dates, as well as the release date for Series 2 Power Discs. It is also the known release date here in the US of the Phineas and Agent P Toy Box Pack.


NOTE: There has been no word yet on any Series 3 album/ disc set to be released, as there was with Series 2. With just a month before release of Series 2, we all were well aware of the existence of the Target set, so not having information out by now leads me to believe that we will not see one for Series 3. However, Disney has surprised us in the past.

TRU Gold Pack Exclusives- Merlin’s Summon & CHROME Damage Increaser- ???

Unfortunately, there is still no word on either Merlin’s Summon or CHROME Damage Increaser coming out in the near future. They are in the database, and have been since the August launch. However, status for the discs are shown as “X”, with no inventory shown as being anywhere. At this time, I doubt we will see an April release of them like people were hoping.

Currently, Merlin’s Summon is available in certain European countries, and CHROME Damage Increaser is available in the TRU Exclusive Race to Space Toy Box Pack.


Infinite Crystal Series Agent P

Well, he is here… well, at least in the TRU system. “Infinity Agent Crystal P” is now in the database for TRU stores here in the US. We had previous confirmation from EB Games and JB HI-FI over in Australia that he was going to be released there, but this is first word that he will be coming to the US. There is no release date listed.

EDIT: While posting this story, it was brought to my attention that BOTH the EB Games and JB HI-FI pre-order pages have been taken down or marked as offer expired. no word if that will affect his availability thru TRU here in the US. 

crystal agent p   jbhiperry

Released image of Crystal Agent P. (International packaging) and current status on JB HI-FI


A New Buzz Figure… Crystal? Glow in the Dark?

Also added to the TRU database is the “EX BUZZ INFINITI FIG”, with a release date of April 13, 2014. Now, is this the Crystal Buzz, which TRU advertised as being exclusive to the Race to Space Toy Box Pack? Or could this be that elusive Glow in the Dark Buzz, which we have seen due to a glitch in the Hall of Heroes? I guess it all remains to be seen.

Possible Glow in the Dark Buzz?

Possible Glow in the Dark Buzz?


NOTE: This information is being brought to you all thru information obtained by our sources, nothing of which has been officially announced by TRU. As always, things can change. Once we get more information, we will let everyone know.

NOTE: There is no word that Crystal Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey made it past test phases and into production as a playable figure. The only information we have is that he was in a developer’s game console as a playable character there.


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