Hits & Misses – Funko’s Disney Mini Series 1

hitsWelcome to Hits and Misses where members of the Vinylmation Kingdom community share their thoughts on a series and this week we take a step to the side to have a look at the Funko Disney Mini Series 1.


RogPalmerUK – When I first saw these figures, I wasn’t entirely too sure of them but on the off chance, someone had some up for sale with some Vinylmation and I decided to pick up a Mickey Mouse and a Stitch and once I saw them in person I was extremely impressed with the size of the figure along with the level of detail.  I am a little late to the party on these figures but still went ahead and brought a few more blind boxes to try and get the main set.  Mike, Sulley and Pooh are also extremely well done figures that I would like to add to my collection at some point before series 2 and the Marvel series come out as I feel much more excited about these lately than many of the Vinylmation series.

WDWRobert – Disney/Pixar Mystery Minis Blind Box Mini Figure Series by Funko was released just about a year ago with much excitement with me, as here is a case of 24 Disney Figures for around $100. There were 8 characters in a series and each character had 3 different expressions and to make things really confounding was that each expression had its own ratio. So if one wanted to collect them all it took several cases of Bloxing to collect all 24 character/expressions combinations

Hits: Pooh: The paint quality was great on Pooh and loved displaying them on the shelf. All three expressions of Pooh were a hit for me. From the 1/18 sitting down version with his honeypot to his 1/18 version of him pointing to the right or if you were inclined so to do and reverse his body to make him point to the left and the 1/144 Pooh sitting with a side splitting bout of laughter all were great hits. However, I decided to leave alone the rarer version of Pooh, as I love the other versions just as much.

Maleficent: She looks amazing! Each of her expressions were a huge hit. My favorite is the 1/72 smiling expression. I am not sure why though. Maybe it’s a rare to see here in that light. She is genuinely happy and I love it. Mike: He may not of been the best in the series but the Funko mini is a near perfect sidekick to my Popcorn Sully. So just for that Mike was a huge hit for me. Stitch: I am not a huge fan of stitch but I decided to add one to my collection and I was happy I did. The Funko mini Stitch had such great expressions. And the quality was superb.

Joshua Jackson – When I first heard of the Disney mystery minis set I was really excited! I had been collecting pops for a while at the time and was really looking forward to the blind boxes especially the various ratios. My first hit is Sully, I love all 3 versions of this figure, they were very well done and have great colors on them. Second hit is Mike, he’s my favorite character from Monsters Inc and I love the expressions all 3 versions have. My final hit has to be laughing pooh, I love the expression that he has plus the fact that he’s a 1/144 makes it even better. Took me a while but I finally got him in my collection.


RogPalmerUK – There isn’t too much to dislike about this series, I’m not a huge lover of variants but having 3 versions of each figure is certainly a unique way to bring out the collector in droves.  The only figure I’m not overly sure of is Jack and that’s purely from the point of view that I’m not a huge Nightmare Before Christmas fan.

Joshua Jackson – The only miss I have for this series is Timkerbell. The colors are to bland for me plus the facial expressions are almost exactly the same. It just seems to me like they really cheaper out on her.

WDWRobert – Mickey: Mickey was a huge miss for me and not because I did not like the different expressions, which I loved, but it was the poor paint job that this guy had. It took a while to get some halfway descent ones to add to the collection something I just gave up on. Tink: I loved this version Tink and was excited to collect this style of her are the Vinylmation versions of her did not transfer well to the Mickey Mold. The sad part was that the 1/18 versions of her were so off balanced so she toppled over all of the time. I was bummed about that. I can’t wait for the next series to be released. These little guys are a welcome addition and diversion from my Vinylmation collecting.


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