Across the Pond – Nothing New!


Its a bit of a strange time for Vinylmation, after a flurry of new releases in January (Indiana Jones, Cutesters and Aladdin Jrs), February is a extremely quiet month with just a single release (Jungle Book).  Us Vinylmation collectors have been so used to having weekly releases, having a month with no releases and hardly anything officially announced, it feels a little weird.

Some might say its the end of Vinylmation, but that’s a very harsh thought, this is merely a lull in new releases, we know they are planning new figures for next year and already we know about a handful of new releases coming later this year including Topiary’s, Ink & Paint, Park 14, Park Starz 3, Duffy, Star Wars 4, Robots 4, Marvel 2, Haunted Mansion & Friends and no doubt many more sets and figures that we don’t yet know about.

So we have nothing to worry about with regards to having nothing to buy, its just a slow period for new releases, its usual for us to have less at this time of the year, February is a quiet time of the year for most businesses as money is short, the holiday season is over and spring/summer are still months away.


For a long time we have been saying that Disney are releasing too many Vinylmations and it reached a point of saturation, collectors couldn’t keep buying everything that they threw at us.  So many figures were being heavily discounted and as a whole, the Vinylmation brand was being devalued.  Having less releases means that when something new does come out, excitement levels are going to be much higher, we are much more likely to buy those items because we haven’t as much to choose from.

Disney has conditioned us to be picky and to change our buying habits, back in the “good old days”, it would be weeks or months between releases and I’ll be totally honest, I’ve been so glad of the slow down of new releases.  I just couldn’t afford to keep up with the relentless releases and I was running out of space, last year I had to become more fussy over what I was buying and now I have to be even more so.

Having a slow down of new releases in my eyes has lots of advantages, first off it means that when something does come out, its more exciting, it also gives collectors a breathing space.  Time to fill in spaces in their collection as well as saving up for the next new release.

Disney could not keep up the pace of new releases that we saw in the past, reducing the amount of sets released, making sets smaller, less open window figures, hardly any 9″‘s and more importantly trying to bring the chase back into Vinylmation means we will see less new releases.   With the Disney Store team taking over some more established series as a trade off for not making any more non-Disney sets, could instantly take the number of series down by almost a dozen per year.

This slow down of new releases and even to some extent, smaller packaging is having an impact on the Vinylmation available in Disney Stores, online and at the parks.  Many collectors are reporting that stores don’t have as many or very little selection at stores, which makes total sense.  Disney Stores have only had a handful of releases over the winter which has meant they have sold out quicker.  Without piles of Extreme Wrestlers or Medieval BOGOF shelf filler, shelves were bound to look empty. is pretty much the same, with under 50 items currently available, they at least have had many Park related items released unlike at the stores.

I for one believe this is a good thing, less Vinylmation is better all round.

What do you think?