disney infinity series 3

We have been waiting on details on the third series of Disney Infinity Power Discs and now thanks to a Pre-Order link on Disneystore.com, we now know that this series will be released on April 1st 2014, which is the same day as the Agent P and Phineas Toy Pack.

disney infinity series 3Unlike with series 1 and 2, this series only consists of 15 discs which are are expected to include: Mickey’s Sorcerer Hat, Disney Parks Parking Lot Tram, Violet’s Force Field, Chernabog’s Power, Tantor, Phillipe, Angus, Wall-E’s Fire Extinguisher, Cruella De Vil’s Car, Rapunzel’s Healing, Toy Story Mania Blaster, Dragon Firework Cannon, Wall-E’s Collection, Dr. Calico’s Helicopter and Buy n Large Atmosphere.  Only 1 of these figures will be a Rare.

Which Power Disc are you more excited about getting?