694px-Star_Wars_Logo.svgDisney Interactive CEO Bob Iger confirms Disney Infinity Sequels according to Gamesindustry who are reporting that “In in investor call after the results were published, as transcribed by Seeking Alpha, Chairman and CEO Bob Iger confirmed that there would be more to come from Infinity, hinting that Disney would soon be rolling out the big guns from its unparalleled stable of IP.”

“”On the interactive front there will be new iterations of Infinity,” Iger responded to a caller. “What that game prove to us is the strength of that platform – basically the game-play itself which was great, and the fact that Disney characters, Disney intellectual property could work on that platform, so that’s a big deal. So what’s next of course is, new iterations of that, a 2.0 or 3.0 and mining a broader set of our more popular characters.”

Does this tie in with the reports from this week from the Wall Street Journal about Star Wars and Marvel joining Infinity?

The Wall Street Journal reported that “Sources said “new versions” of the game featuring Marvel and Star Wars characters are expected, which presumably means themed playsets similar to those released so far.”

Also it has come to light that Avalanche are currently looking for a games tester for a new “Disney/Pixar” video game for a temporary job which could indicate that the game would be released in Quarter three. It also is interesting that the job description asks for experience of using the PS4 and Xbox One but doesn’t ask for Wii experience, which could indicate that there will be PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game, but no Wii version.

marvel_character_group-cropWhat do you think of these developments?