If you didn”t know Bethany was my wife, consider yourself informed. Regardless of her questionable choice in a husband, she is very talented in creating Vinylmations and can adapt her style to whatever character she needs to create. Last week, she was commissioned to create an Elsa from Frozen. The collector wanted a custom of Elsa on the day of her coronation. If you have seen the movie, it was a day of consternation for Elsa. The picture above was the inspiration for the custom. Now let’s check out Bethany’s Coronation Elsa :


Bethany told me that she wanted the custom to show the fear Elsa had facing her people. She chose the background detailing because it reminded her of a European tapestry design that might be hanging in the hall during her coronation as well as looking like like swirling winter wind. The subtle snowflakes were a good tease of her future.


If you would like a custom Vinylmation from Bethany or just to check out her previous customs, follow this link: