Vinylmation Artists Unleashed: Brian Shapiro’s Rocket Raccoon

Brian Shapiro showed me a picture of this custom early in its design process and I was floored then. Imagine how happy I was to see this Guardian of the Galaxy in all his glory tonight? Rocket Raccoon will be a character in the Marvel release “Guardians of the Galaxy” latest this year but tonight he’s a new amazing custom from Brian Shapiro. If you aren’t familiar with Rocket Raccoon or the Guardians of the Galaxy, I urge you to do a search and read up on the comics before the movie comes out. Here’s what old Rocket looks like in the comics.


Rocky was sculpted from the original Mickey Mold and Brian’s sculpting talents took it one step further. Rocky was a custom for Brian’s personal collection but if you would like to contact Brian for a custom or just to see his other amazing pieces, check him out at these links: