The Trade Game – The Outlets

Every collector likes to save money on their Vinylmation purchases. Sometimes we can find deals on social media boards, and sites like eBay, but not every collector seems to know about another option; Disney Outlets.

Disney’s biggest outlets are in Florida, and out of reach for many. Those outlets though do seem to have many limited editions, most currently the poster series vinyls, some have even spotted the Marvel series at their outlet. The discounts offered at the outlets on these products are pretty great. A poster vinyl retailed for $14.95 at the park but once they hit the outlets they went down to 3 different poster vinyls for $10! Many 9” Vinylmation can also be found in the $15-25 range compared to the normal retail price of $50-80.

You may think it seems like a mute point when you are reading this article and live anywhere but Florida, but you don’t have to live in that state to take advantage of these deals. Disney outlet stores actually offer delivery services. So if you happen to be on the social media boards and see some collector’s getting some great finds at great prices at the outlets, give that store a call and you will find that they will send them straight to your house. Generally a shipping fee of $8 is being charged, depending of course on how much you are buying.

Outlets can be a great way to bolster your collection and not cost you an arm and a leg. Florida outlets though of course are not the only ones around, they seem to be dwindling by the year but you can sometimes find some in your own state. In those regular disney outlets you may find some clearances out vinyls at great prices, some have been posted for as low as $1.99.

Going the outlet route can be a nice avenue for many in helping to boost their collection and get some great vinyls at great prices. What has been your greatest find at the outlets so far? Have any tips on getting the best selection? Leave a comment and let us know !

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