The Refined Collector 002-Beth Campbell

Two weeks ago,  we begin a new column at Vinylmation Kingdom called “The Refined Collector.” which featured David Kramp’s Star Wars collection.  If you are reading this article you are most likely a Vinylmation collector. We want to spotlight people who have specific things they collect. It could be all Figment Vinylmations or all dogs. You might collect everything The Lion King related or you’re amazed at how many Goofys your best friend has. These collections will consist of official Vinylmations and custom pieces from the amazing Custom Vinylmation Community. With the introductory spiel out of the way, let’s take a look at the second Refined Collector featuring the Donald Duck collection of Beth Campbell.refinedcollectordonald

Refined Collector File 002
Name: Beth Campbell
Obsession: Donald Duck

Why Donald Duck and what was your first Vinylmation?
A. I’ve been a fan of Donald Duck for as long as I can remember.  Apparently before I can remember because my Dad got me a stuffed Donald when I was very little (which I don’t remember but I still have that Donald!) and I was thrilled.  I’ve always been a huge fan of his cartoons, which number more than Mickey’s, although Mickey is catching up.  I love his “everyman” aspect; struggling with a flat tire, fixing a leaky pipe, holding numerous jobs, or just trying to relax and the little things that get in the way of wanting to get the job done and drive you crazy!  So I’ve always been a sucker for the duck.  If it’s got Donald on it, I generally buy it.  And when I saw the “Have a Laugh” series Sleepy-time Donald, I had to have him.  Then Park 6 Wet Paint.  Then Nerds Donald.  And so on…

Collection as of end of 2013

What is your favorite Donald Vinyl?
A: Like any good parent, I’m happy to pick a favorite among my children.  Wild West Donald is the high point.  I mean, Gerald Mendez did a great job with all the details, and the feather hat, and the expression.  Plus, Gerald’s a really nice guy in person, when I was fortunate enough to meet him at the Wild West release, and that just cemented it.  A tip of the blue sailor hat to you, Sir.
2013 official Vinylmation Donalds

How Many Custom Donald Vinyls do you Have?
A. Currently, over 30, with more coming.  I’ve been trying to get Donald in his different costumes from his cartoons, and I keep an eye on the Facebook’s Custom Vinylmation pages for new artists, as I’d like to get a good variety of representations.  I’ve seen a lot of artists whose work is worthy of Disney, so maybe I’m commissioning to say “I knew this person before he/she got famous with Disney and animated all those movies and now lives in a big house in Hollywood and put a r

estraining order against me.”  And I don’t have a favorite custom, because Donald in any artistic form is just awesomeness, and I can’t draw him to save my life.  IMG_0594












I would like to thank Beth Campbell so much for sharing her amazing Donald Duck collection with us. Collecting is fun but collecting what you love is what makes this hobby amazing.If you would your unique collection to be featured in the Refined Collector, fill out the contact form below! Until next time, keep your collection refined!

My Donald Artistic skills

My artistic ability :)


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