hitsWelcome to a brand new edition of Hits and Misses as members of the Vinylmation Kingdom community share their thoughts on a series and this week we take a look at Cutesters 6.


RogPalmerUK – Its the winter, its cold outside, the US has just been reformed into a ice block, its probably a good time to release a Vinylmation series which has a winter theme to it.   I’ll admit, Cutesters aren’t on my radar, hardly surprising really.

WDWRobert – I go back and forth on the Cutesters series. One series I like them, while another series I think they are just awful. The Cutesters Snow Day series is fair at best but there are a few good ones that I would like to collect and a few that I would love to just leave them out in the cold for good. Cloud: The face is okay enough and it does not go overboard trying to be too cute. However what I like most is the transition from a light semi-transparent bluish green to a dark solid of the same color. The snowflakes create a nice effect falling from the cloud. Seal: I like the use of the clear greenish blue for the water around the seal. The character is on the boarder of being too cute but I still like him. I almost think he would have been off on not having the earmuffs. Owl: Front of him. I love the baby blue that is used on him. Accompanied with a red scarf makes the front of this guy a big hit. Deer: I love the sweater! The artist created a nice transition the deer into vinylmation from as well. Great use of putting the antlers on Mickeys ears.

Jason Saldivar – Having never been a true fan of Cutesters vinylmations (I much prefer character-driven vinylmation), I do have to say the designs included in this series are better than previous sets.The winter theme is fun and makes for some interesting nature-inspired designs.

Narwhal – Easiest my favorite of the set. The face detail is simple, yet very cute! I like how the the artist took into thought the fact that a narwhal would not have legs nor arms, which is why these parts of the figure are essentially “invisible”. The fun waves in the ears and the nose especially make this an overall great design.
Sea Lion – A very close second for many of the same reasons as the Narwhal. Again, a thoughtful design that includes “invisible” appendages, and the inclusion of actual earmuffs is an excellent touch!
Snowflake – The face is definitely cute and full of expression for being such a simple design. I couldn’t decide if the head is supposed to be a huge snowflake or if it’s supposed to be the cloud the snowflakes are falling from. The real star of this figure is the bottom half. I’ve always loved the figures that are clear in some areas, and the beautiful blue hue included on this figure makes the body a perfect backdrop for the snowflake flurries.



RogPalmerUK –  I have at times referred to Cutesters as Crapsters, or in this case, Yellow Snow Crapsters.  Which pretty much sums up my initial thoughts on this series, I’m a man in my thirties and this stuff doesn’t appeal to me at all.    I just think this series is such a wasted opportunity, I think a girlie Vinylmation series is a fantastic idea, but add a little Disney to it, throw in a cute Minnie Mouse or a cute looking Pluto, there are so many other great Cute Disney ideas and I’m sure if the artists were let loose on some classic characters it’ll be a huge seller.  The designs on this series look OK, cut off their Mickey Mouse ears and they could have been released by any Vinyl company.

WDWRobert – As I keep looking over these I keep asking myself why these did not have a release date before Christmas. Owl: Back of him. It looks like he is wearing a baby blue thong his feathered “Butt”. Narwhal: He just does not transfer well into a decent looking character. I think it’s the gold tusk. Penguin: I cannot believe they did not out a penguin into this series!

Jason Saldivar –  Fox: The design is nice, but in the end it is just a plain fox. Not an especially interesting animal like the others.

Owl: I don’t like the face of this figure. It looks to me like it almost doesn’t belong with the others. It’s not happy and it’s not sad…it’s just expressionless. The fact that the variant is also an owl seems like a waste in design to me. Boring.
Deer: Again, a nice design, but ultimately a bit boring compared to the hits.
Tree: I feel like a tree was not a good choice to put on a vinylmation. The face is cute, but I don’t like how it’s at the bottom making her head HUGE. I’m not a fan of the bow-style vinylmation, and in this case the bow serves no purpose since it’s “invisible”.  The snow across the tree branches reminds me of eggs, and the birds in the ears is the only slightly interesting element to this design.

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