ink and paint club

Recently I have had a couple of sources confirm to me that a new Vinylmation Series called “Ink & Paint” would be coming out  this year. Now the words “Ink and Paint” are pretty vague but I’ve had one source tell me that this series is related to the following image that Enrique Pita posted on his Instagram account back on January 2nd.


I was talking to VK editor, Roger Palmer about this news and he did a Google search and found out this information.

The Ink and Paint Club is an hour-long television series on Disney Channel in 1997, featuring various classic Disney shorts, as part of Vault Disney. Episodes were usually consisted of six or seven cartoon shorts, all with some kind of theme.

So could the name of this series and this old Disney Channel show just be a coincidence or are they related? I’m thinking Roger might have found some inspiration for this series through his search. What do you think?