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One thing that has become very noticeable in recent times is the popularity of the twin pack, collectors love twin packs and Disney know it.  As Disney has been pumping out Twin Packs left, right and centre, especially with the fall of the 9″, the twin pack has taken the main stage.

Twin packs have always been popular, many of the early twin packs featuring Wall-E and Afternoon series 1 sets like Rescue Rangers and Duck Tales are still some of the most sought after figures.  With lots of additional twin packs for other series like Animation, Pixar and the Park series.   And throughout 2013, we even saw Twin Packs move into the “exclusive” location zone with twin packs for Disney Studio Cast Members (Through the Years), Hawaii and New York, along with lots of twin packs for D23 Expo and Reflections of Evil.

walleevecombo2While some twin packs haven’t been as successful such as the Fantasia series, they have still didn’t take long to sell out, unlike many previous open window series single figures which seem to hang around much longer (which is why we hardly see any of them any more).

There are some pretty simple reasons for this change over, money, a twin pack sells for almost $30, compared to a single figure, its not hard to work out they can make twice as much money for a twin pack as a single figure because collectors love twin packs.

The 9″ figure has been dumped by Disney for lots of different reasons and I think the popularity of the twin pack has fueled the transition to these little duos.  Disney even tried making 9″ exclusive figures for cities like New York and San Francisco but often these had to be reduced in price because collectors generally only have space for a few and tourists aren’t as interested in a huge souvenir when a nice little figure and the twin packs are somewhere in between, though I still think having figures in tin’s is a much more appealing exclusive.

Twin packs have been a very successful sideline to many blind box series as an additional way of bringing in revenue such, especially with the Park and Animation series.  Using twin packs to boost a blind box series isn’t new but its certainly something I can easily see continuing for a long time yet.

In 2013, Disney tried out something new with the Eachez line, bringing in a variant element to blind boxes and even the Tower of Terror boxed set.  I wouldn’t be surprised if this started sliding into twin packs at some point, as that will increase sales on some sets.  Though I can’t see Disney using them on every twin pack as with the reduction of open window sets, the twin pack has become a major way of selling Vinylmation to new collectors, as less and less figures are visible to new potential customers.

What do you think?

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